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Top 5 most popularEssential Care Corporate Giftsduring Covid


This year, 2020, the Corona Pandemic is drastically changing the way we are living our daily lives. From compulsory usage of face protection masks when leaving our homes to moving onto online platforms to shop for our daily necessities. One thing that is constant in everyone’s lifestyle now is that we are getting ourselves equipped with gadgets and apparels that can protect us from this pestering virus.

In the endless sea of products on our preferred online shopping platforms, how do we decide on what to purchasing to give us better protection, while still staying trendy and fashionable? Our team has come together a short list to share with everyone on the Top 5 Most Popular Essential Care Corporate Gifts during this pandemic.

Corporate Gifts1. Ergonomic Anti-Bacterial Mask

As much as we dislike it, it is still compulsory for us to be wearing a protective mask every day. Thus, we have customised the best-fit-for-all Antibacterial Mask for all ages –created with Antibacterial Smart Fabric that guarantees your health and safety, while also providing the best comfort for all-day wear. Smart Ergonomic Mask that is designed to fit your face shape from the nose bridge to your chin for complete coverage. Paired with adjustable ear straps to fit people of all head sizes. Truly a One-Size-Fits-all! Available in Kids and Adult sizes. These masks are also fully customisable! Create unique designs for your friends and family while knowing that these masks have been tested to remain anti-bacterial!

Corporate Gifts Singapore2. Customised BOBA Bubble Tea Straw Protection Mask

Incorporating everyone’s all-time favourite beverage and our essential must-wear protection mask… We present to you; the Latest, Quirkiest and Fashionable Protective Face Mask of the year! The BOBA Bubble Tea Straw Antibacterial Protection Mask! Maybe, you felt compromised every time you remove your mask just to take a sip? This is an “ingenious” idea with a straw opening to let you sip away at your favourite drink hassle-free! You can just pop back the cap/velcro for full protection coverage when you are finished with your drink. No need to “social distance” yourself from your beloved beverage anymore!

Corporate Gift3. Polyester Mask Pouch for Reusable Masks/ Disposable Masks

Usage of one-time-use plastic bags, Ziplock bags, random pocket slots, in between your paper folders… Our Reusable/Disposable Masks have been kept away in these places when we are dinning out. And we know that it’s not the most hygienic. Who knows how long it has been since we last washed the corners of our bags that is full of dusts and crumbs from over these years… Thus, we decided that a Good and Clean Storage Pouch is necessary! This Polyester Mask Pouch comes with a large slot to store our disposable/ reusable mask. Also, in addition to a smaller pocket slot that can hold mask filterslot pieces/ mask accessories such as mask clipper. Finally, to close them up with a magnetic button that is convenient to open and close. These pouches come in a variety of colours to choose from.

A versatile corporate gift that can be used in various ways, such as, as a passport holder, card holder, wallet, accessory pouch etc.. Plus, it can be customised with your very own design! Great customisation gift idea for personal gifting and on a corporate level.

Corporate Gift in Singapore
4. Mask Neck Strap

Street food is a culture that is commonly seen in Asia, including Singapore. We love to snack on finger foods and sip on our favourite bubble tea while window shopping. Even with the ease in restrictions and we’re allowed to eat on-the-go, it is still inconvenient to constantly remove our mask and put them on again and again and again… Therefore, with the “innovation” of this very simple yet practical Mask Neck Strap, you won’t have to worry about losing your mask deep in our blackhole bag or dropping them onto the ground when attempting to store it. Comes in a series of beautiful bright colours for you to choose from!

corporate gifts Supplier5.UV Steriliser

This very handy device has been in use since pre-covid situations. A UV steriliser is able to kill 99.9% of all germs, bacteria and viruses. Not only do they look simple and sleek, it is able to blend verywell on our desks, entryway tables and dressers. Coming in various shapes and sizes that can contain items inside or can be hand-held. With a good amount of internal space that could hold multiple items, such as handphones, protective masks, small electronics and accessories. Chargeable with a USB cable -This portable and convenient disinfecting on-the-go device gives you assurance of being free from any possible invisible enemy. One of the latest trending corporate gift that will give you a peace of mindduring this pandemic.

Staying safe is our top priority, however, why settle for less when you can get fashionable premium gifts while staying fully protected? The highlighted gift products mentioned above are available at our very own warehouse! We specialise in made-to-order premium gifts at astonishing wholesale prices while ensuring you top quality products every time. Producing premium and top-quality corporate gifts that have gained our clients’ repeated trust. Other than the highly raved Safety andProtection gifts, we are also suppliers of corporate gift items such as apparels, drinkware, gadgets, household itemsand fitness productsetc. Our array of gift ideas will leave you spoilt for choice! But worry not, if you require any assistance, we have a team of experienced and dedicated gift consultors that can filter out a list of gift ideas to suit your gifting needs.

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