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Top 5 ring designs preferred by women of royal families in London


Rings are pretty jewellery pieces that make a woman’s hand look feminine and nice. A ring is an adornment which can transform how a woman’s hands look very nice. But when it comes to British royalty, their jewellery pieces are influenced by tradition and ancestral status. The royal women have a remarkable jewellery collection that has been passed down through the generations. Because the royals wear minimalist jewellery, we look at some of the most well-known engagement rings. Here are the top 5 ring designs that have been loved by the women of British royalty.

  1. Princess Diana

Princess Diana or the people’s princess had an impressive jewellery collection. A lot of it has been inherited by her sons and daughters in law. One particular ring that Diana had, was an aquamarine ring. It was a ring and bracelet set, with an aquamarine stone as the centre. The emerald cut aquamarine stone is set in a 24-carat gold band and is flanked by smaller diamonds. The striking piece of jewellery was commissioned in 1997 and was used by the princess after her divorce.

  1. Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth’s engagement rings were designed by her husband Prince Philip. The diamonds for the ring were taken from his mother – Princess Alice’s tiara. It was 3-carat diamond flanked by smaller diamonds, set in platinum. It was not about show but more about a personal statement when the Prince gifted the ring. The queen wears it to this day along with her wedding band. An interesting story about the ring is that when the Prince proposed, the ring was actually larger than the queen’s finger ring size and was later refitted.

  1. Catherine Middleton

The Duchess of Cambridge was proposed by Prince William with his mother’s engagement ring. This ring was picked by Princess Diana herself. The beautiful ring features an oval 18-carat sapphire stone in blue, which is surrounded by 14 diamonds. Sapphires are rare, but the demand isn’t much for this stone. When the Duchess of Cambridge wore it, this stone became popular, creating a high demand for similar rings. One can find similar engagement rings in London, if they desire to propose with this spectacular beauty.

  1. Princess Margaret

Princess Margaret had a very unique engagement ring presented to her by Antony Armstrong-Jones. It is designed to look like a rose because Princess Margaret’s middle name is Rose. How romantic is that! The ring has romantic rubies which are surrounded by smaller diamonds, made to look like a rosebud. It was designed by the princess’ husband and created by S. J. Philips. The ring isn’t super expensive, but the meaning behind it is lovely.

  1. Princess Eugenie

Princess Eugenie has been featured in this list because she too had a very unique engagement ring. It was not a white diamond but a peach colour sapphire ring, with which her fiancé had proposed. It seems to be inspired by her mother’s ring, which was also unconventionally beautiful. A padparadscha sapphire is set on a gold band and because the colour of the stone is a mix between pink and yellow, it gives quite a unique colour. The sapphire is surrounded by smaller diamonds on all sides and two pear shaped diamonds that are fixed on the ring’s shoulder. One can go through the Hatton Garden jewellery catalogues to see if there are similar designs that they would want to check out. Jewellery stores in London often carry similar designs because of the royal family’s popularity.