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Top 6 Vivo Smartphones Under 10,000 INR


Vivo smartphones are universally known for being a cost-effective choice. Rather than going for expensive models, people prefer a Vivo new phone for its premium features. Such is their popularity that you might not have heard of an online sale that has not featured these devices. The chief feature that attracts consumers immediately is the camera quality of these phones. Making suitable use of in-built filters, you can produce photo content for your social media accounts in minutes. Although these phones are not suited for hardcore gaming needs, they make pretty decent handsets. 

Here is a list of the top 6 Vivo phones under 10,000 INR that you must consider purchasing, if you’re looking for a new handset.

Vivo Y12s 32 GB

Despite its low price, this Vivo smartphone has a reliable 5000 mAh battery to get you through a tough day without having to charge the phone. Not many phones can boast of such credentials. Its modest 32 GB storage is supported by 3 GB RAM, which is difficult to find with other brands. 

If you are a fan of OTT platforms, there’s good news for you. This phone supports HD videos (1600 x 720 pixel resolution), so you do not have to squint to get hold of any detail. The screen size is a decent 6.51 inches, which makes the streaming experience pleasurable. Armed with 13 MP + 2 MP rear cameras, the phone gives you the confidence to click photos on the go.

Vivo Y20i 64 GB

If you can increase your budget a bit, you can get a major upgrade on your Vivo Y12s 32 GB phone. The storage doubles up, and there is a marked improvement in the rear camera department. The rear cameras boast of a primary 13 MP lens and a combination of 2 MP + 2MP for wide-angle and HDR effects. 

You have seen enough impressive photos on social media, now it is your chance to upload some. Plus, a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor makes sure that your device’s performance does not let you down. The best option will be to buy these phones from the Bajaj Finserv EMI Store at no-cost EMIs.

Vivo Y20A 64 GB

This model runs on Funtouch OS, keeping with the modern popular requirements. The phone has 64 GB of storage space and 3 GB RAM, which means there is always enough space for all your files. Additionally, this smartphone comes with an HD display, so watching videos is going to be a good experience. The rear cameras on this phone are similar to the Y20i model. It has a 5000 mAh battery that ensures that the device remains operational for long hours on a single charge.

Vivo Y19 128 GB

As is evident from the name of the model, this phone packs in 128 GB of internal storage. This robust storage is supported by 4 GB RAM, which makes sure that there is no lag while playing a video. So you can play games and stream OTT content without much of a fuss. The phone also has decent rear cameras (16 MP + 8 MP + 2 MP), which makes sure you click the best pictures. Next time you spend some quality time with your friends/family, do not forget to take high-quality videos with this smartphone.

Vivo Y20 64 GB

This Vivo new phone has been the talk of the town because of its special triple macro camera that has AI support. With this feature, you can click incredible images with astonishing clarity and detail. The colour saturators and the depth sensors will make sure that your photos are realistic and vibrant. The phone also has an 18W flash charge facility that helps you to replenish the phone’s battery quickly. That said, you won’t have to worry about charging the phone often, because the phone houses a powerful 5000 mAh battery.

Vivo Y20G 128 GB

This phone exemplifies everything Vivo is known for. With affordable pricing, the phone comes with a large storage capacity (128 GB). A robust 6 GB RAM makes sure you do not have to tinker with the phone a lot to get things done. It also flaunts a 6.51-inch HD display, offering an immersive visual experience. 

Therefore, you will have a great time watching films and binging on shows on this device. With a 5000 mAh battery, the smartphone will be at your side throughout the day.

These were our picks of the best Vivo phones under 10,000 INR. Visit the Bajaj Finserv EMI Store and sort through the models available, and pick your favourite model. At the site, you can easily check the specs and compare models by using filters. Additionally, you can purchase your favourite device at no-cost EMIs.