Top 6 Way to Clean Your Laptop Screen Like a Pro

Stains and dirt on your laptop screens divert you from your work, and that’s the reason you always want to keep your laptop screen clean. The laptop screen is a dirt-prone area as it traps … Read More


Stains and dirt on your laptop screens divert you from your work, and that’s the reason you always want to keep your laptop screen clean. The laptop screen is a dirt-prone area as it traps any type of dirt and stains very easily. Many times, it happens that the dirt is transferred very easily from the laptop screen to the keyboard of the laptop when you close the laptop. If you are a foodie person and you prefer working while eating, in that case, your laptop would always face a coffee stain or some food particles stuck in the gaps of your laptop. Your laptop daily faces some or the other type of dirt

issues and every dirt problem require a different way to be cleaned.

Here, we assist you with some very easy and effective methods of, how to clean a laptop screen like a pro.


Things required to clean the laptop should be kept Infront of your sight, as it makes your job easier. Keep in mind that your laptop is no toy, it is a thing to be handled with the utmost care, so be very careful while picking up the tools to clean your laptop. Never use a dirty towel or tissues to clean the laptop screen, they can damage your screen. Never used alcohol or Ethelene based cleanser to clean your laptop Just like keeping the house clean. Things you should keep, sponge clean cotton

cloth piece or a microfiber cloth piece,

cleansing agent, glass cleaner, etc.


Firstly, make sure that you have shut down your laptop. Then take a clean cotton cloth piece or microfiber cloth to wipe away the dust situated on the laptop screen, a cotton cloth traps all the dirt in comparison to any other cloth. Cleaning your screen with a cotton cloth piece does not harm your laptop screen in any way because it is soft and does not have fizz or fluff. Always wipe across the laptop screen never in a rotation manner as it does not remove the dirt but the dirt remains on the screen itself.


Use distilled water for the cleaning process, because your laptop screen is

very delicate and another type of water can harm your laptop screen. Now take a sponge and moisten in the distilled water and then press it lightly to release a bit of moisture so that the laptop screen does not trap a lot of moisture. Spread a plastic sheet in order to prevent water from seeping inside the laptop’s body. Wipe with a clean and dry sponge and let the screen to dry in open air do not close or switch it on until and unless it is fully dry.


To clean oily stains, prepare a mixture of distilled water and cleaning gel, dip the sponge in the mixture so that the sponge absorbs the mixture properly. After that gently scrub the sponge in a horizontal and vertical motion, so that the stuck dirt and particles are

removed from the gaps and the screen releases the oily stains, do not rub too hard. Make sure that the water does not seep inside the keyword. Disinfect the screen and other parts and wipe to dry it.


Firstly, wipe with a microfiber cloth to remove the dust on the surface of the keyboard, to clean the gaps use a thin brush. Use a slightly moist sponge to clean the keypad. It is very important for you to know, how to clean the laptop keyboard as it is a very crucial space of the laptop if even a drop of water seeps inside the laptop system it can harm your laptop very badly. So, it is very necessary for you to know the correct way to clean it. Use a sanitizing agent to disinfect the key blocks and

make sure to wipe the residue dirt with a dry microfiber cloth.


Always make sure that before your start cleaning your laptop is unplugged and shut down. You can expand your laptop’s life by always taking proper precautions like cleaning them by a routine or keeping a dirt check of your laptop, and many more things.

Follow the above given easy and handy ways of how to clean your laptop screen or the full body of laptop very easily and effectively.

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