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Top 7 Must-Have Tools for Graphic Designers In 2021

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Whether you are an experienced designer or just getting started, there are several tools that you should get right away so that you can carry out your tasks easily. It is important because if you are using the right one, then you will be able to work efficiently and maintain the best level of quality.

Even if you are using a few tools regularly there might be several amazing software and hardware that you might be missing. Now you must be thinking about where to find such resources from? Look no further as we have covered everything so that you can come up as a professional and efficient designer.

So, go through the following sections and find out all the important tools that are widely recommended by experts working at renowned creative design agencies like Disruptive Advertising, Monster Logo Design, WebFX, and many others:


Fonts are of great importance as the correct choice can attract the target audience’s attention. Therefore, a designer must choose one according to the theme and core values of the brand. But it can be a bit difficult sometimes to find the relevant one but that’s not the issue anymore as you can easily access a great number of options from myfonts.com.

You can choose your favorite one from its broad collection but some of them have to be purchased. Plus, if you are facing difficulty in finding a font, then all you need is to upload a screenshot and it will come up with the one that you are looking for.

Adobe Illustrator

Every designer must have Adobe Illustrator on his system and have a great grip on this software. Several unique applications can perform seamlessly and better than as compared to other programs. Whether it’s logos, icons, and posters or brochures, fonts, and other vector-based art, a designer can easily create anything through this software.

There are many benefits of using Adobe Illustrator as it creates precise and scalable elements. Further, it is widely being used by top design agencies like Monster Logo Design and others. So, you should also start using this software and it is not even expensive. Plus, they also provide a free trial so everyone can try it out.

Adobe Photoshop

Another most popular software among designers is Adobe Photoshop. It provides a lot of editing features for image and vector art as well. It supports a layering system which makes it easier for the users to develop templates and edit them with utmost convenience. Thus, Photoshop has become the top choice for the majority of designers due to its amazing features.


Axure is one of the most famous wireframing tools. It is used by leading design agencies like Monster Logo Design, Straight North, and several others to create mockups for the product. It is preferred mostly for its simple interface, functionality, visual details, and ease of creating interactive prototypes. So, you should get it right away if you want to create a well-looking wireframe to impress your clients.

Orion Icon

Sometimes it is difficult to find the perfect icons but it has become super easy as Orion Icon brings the best range under a single roof. It has a well-design collection of hardware, software, food, weather, media, and other icon packs. The core benefit is that you will be able to make changes accordingly as it provides the option to alter the line, color, and style of the chosen one.

MacBook Pro

When it comes to finding the best laptop for designing, nothing can match the level of MacBook Pro especially if it includes a touch bar. It can be the best investment for graphic designers who want to work seamlessly as it can easily support any program due to high-end specifications. Additionally, a few variants come with a touch bar which can streamline the work for designers.

Wacom Tablets

Wacom is a leading tech company that is known for its graphic tablets. It can make the process of designing easier because it comes with a stylus pen through which you can create unique elements. Plus, the precision is unmatched as you can make minor changes to an image which is difficult through a mouse. Another benefit is that it saves a lot of time as you can access most of the commands from the tablet and pen.

These are some of the best tools that are widely adopted by experienced designers. A few of them can be expensive but if you want to become a professional and make your portfolio stand out from others, then you should invest in these key tools.