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Top Advantages For Android And Its Developers In 2021

Top Advantages For Android And Its Developers In 2021

Android has led the way for many applications and developers lately. However, what is it about it that makes it stand out in 2021?

One of the major debates of the last decade is which is better out of Android and iOS. While there is no viable or sustainable answer for that, as one takes over the another in certain aspects, there are some reasons why Android stands out. Aside from its flexibility and ease of usage, there are various other elements about its making, which make it a great mobile phone platform.

Which is why we are here to discuss some of the reasons why Android stands out as one of the best application solutions for developers and users in 2021. So, whether you are a beginner or seasoned app developer, you need to understand these in order to reap the rewards of making android apps. Then without further ado, let us dig in and understand the important elements of android applications that make them beneficial for developers in 2021.

Largest Market Share

An expert of App Development Texas suggested that while iPhones have dominated the North American market for the past decade or so, past 2 years have seen Android gradually take over that as well. In the 2020’s beginning, it was reported that Android was now the preferred choice for 51% of the Americans. Which is why now it officially has the largest market share in all of the continents of the world. Why is that? Because it already led the way by dominating 85% of the market share. By the end of 2021, the projection is bound to go up with some reporting that by the end of the year, the android users in the USA alone would be around 55-60%.

Open Sourcing For Businesses

Now, if you are a business owner or looking to make an application for one, then android is your best bet. Why is that? Because while iPhone applications are great at performance and good to look at, their market share is just not as big as that of Androids. Which is why for businesses, it becomes preferable to develop Android applications in the beginning. Now, not all businesses have an in-house app development department. That is when Android becomes the best possible solution for them. Not only because the applications are easy to make, but also because open-sourcing is relatively cheaper and easier to find.

Higher Potential Number Of Downloads

As mentioned above, the number of users of android is just remarkable. Which is why it has become a preferred option for many around the globe. Not only because of its higher usage but also because of its vast audience. Now, for a business or company, it is vital that their application reaches their audience on a vast level. That is when Android leads the way and helps them reach a higher number of downloads. Moreover, you can monetize your applications and earn a lot of cash through a number of downloads alone.

You Can Use Various Frameworks

One of the leading benefits of using Android as a development platform is the number of resources available. One of them is its vast library of frameworks. Not only do they stand out as different types for different app purposes, but they also make development a lot easy. Moreover, they cut the time short in less than half. Not only saving a lot of time for the developer, but also for the clients. Which is what makes android the most preferred app development type lately. Aside from that, you can find various tutorials, how-tos and unnumbered online help to help you with your project.

Cost-Effectiveness & ROI

For businesses, this is perhaps the best reason for them to employ android over iOS. Why is that? Because not only does it provide easier development means and cheaper methods, but it also yields better results. Because of a vast market share and a higher number of audience, Android applications tend to perform better when it comes to generating ROI and saving money. Which is why they are widely hailed as the best cost-effective solutions, that come with a lot of potential of generating ROI.