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Top benefits of quantum computing for artificial intelligence

quantum computing for artificial intelligence

As per a report from MarketsandMarkets, the quantum computing market will grow to USD 283 million at a CAGR of 24.9%, from USD 93 million in 2019.

“Artificial Intelligence” and “Quantum”, these two words seem easy to understand but it is complex, to sum up, these massive areas in just one article. There are several limitations in traditional computing to execute huge algorithms. The existing computing has more potential, but still, it can’t manage IoT and big data problems. It can be said that Quantum mechanics is among the suitable technical solutions to make computer science step into a brand new age of algorithm execution speed and security.


The term “quantum” is highly overused like AI. It is closely related to atomic energy levels quantization. But, in the present, it is defined as the place where the objects are both waves and particles with probabilistic measurement.

Quantum and artificial intelligence

This is one of the most preferred and predicted technologies. In this, it will ensure to provide many advantages by boosting each other’s abilities and forms quantum computing artificial intelligence. In 2021 this field has brought several latest disruptions and changes for Artificial Intelligence into advanced intelligence. This gave rise to Quantum plus Advanced Intelligence (QAI).

Uses of quantum computing in artificial intelligence

Here are a few ways quantum computing can benefit the future of artificial intelligence:

·  Quick problem solving

With the growing size of data sets rapidly than the quantum computing and AI resources, numerous industries have understood that quantum computers have the ability to do calculations within seconds that will take many years for traditional computers to complete those calculations. The quantum computers use “qubits”, which are the combination of both zeros (0) and ones (1) at one time. This is a major difference, because of which quantum computers are very swift.

· Tackle fraud detection

In the Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance (BFSI), quantum computing artificial intelligence will be very useful in combating and enhancing fraud detection. Quantum computers are quite capable to detect patterns that are difficult to spot using today’s computers. The highly improvised algorithms are very helpful in managing the volume of information. There are several quantum models that can be used to enhance these systems’ performance by the Banking, Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI) to provide the customers’ tailored services and products.

·  Better solutions for information technology

The field of Information Technology can get better solutions with the help of quantum computing. For example, to manage the massive amounts of unstructured data make it into a structured one. Creating better models with quantum technology will lead to great solutions in the area of Information Technology. This will also overcome the problems such as downtime and other time-consuming tasks. Several firms will get benefitted from this and could effectively work on complex projects.

Quantum computing language

Silq is the first high-level quantum computer language that is mainly created around the construction and functionality of the hardware to extract the details from the low-level implementation of quantum algorithms.

By using this language, the quantum type system captures the essential aspects of quantum computations and also enables an automatic and safe computation. This is a huge challenge that present quantum languages are facing.

According to computer science professor Martin Vechev and his team of developers at ETH Zurich’s Secure, Reliable and Intelligent Systems Lab, “Silq is the first quantum computing language that possesses a strong-static type of system, which provides intuitive semantics.” This can be explained in easier words as, that if a program type-checks, and then its semantics follows an intuitive recipe that offers temporary values.

This is also a very helpful programming language for quantum computing language as it ensures quantum algorithms with more safety and conciseness when compared to the existing quantum languages.

Wrapping up

The journey for quantum has already started. Many investors who belong to private and government sectors worldwide are investing huge money into quantum research and development. The satellite-driven quantum key distribution for encryption has been in usage too, for the foundation of the potential quantum security-related global communication network.