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Top CBSE Schools in Ahmedabad

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One of the most essential aims of responsible parenting is to provide every kid with the high-quality education they deserve. As a parent, you may try your best to teach your child all they need to know to be successful in life, but doing so at the proper moment might be difficult. This is where educational institutions come into play. The appropriate school may go a long way in training a young one as a caring and compassionate member of society by giving a defined curriculum that takes into consideration the increasing demands of a child’s hunger for knowledge. The presence of a large number of schools in Ahmedabad causes more issues than it solves for most parents.

Ahmedabad’s educational system
Ahmedabad has risen to become one of India’s most sought-after destinations due to its rapid growth. The city’s contemporary amenities has enabled the authorities to encourage top educational institutes to establish campuses around the region. The Global Indian International School in Ahmedabad is one such educational facility (GIIS). With a campus in Ahmedabad that opened in 2014, GIIS has developed to provide an outstanding education to an increasing number of students each year. As a top school in Ahmedabad, GIIS continues to develop its learning method to match the ever-changing requirements of global education as a school that practices the ‘Schools That Learn’ concept. Learn why GIIS keeps its pledge to provide high-quality education to each and every one of its students by reading on.

Why is GIIS the top CBSE school in Ahmedabad

1. Curriculum that is adaptable
GIIS is one of the best CBSE schools in Ahmedabad, which offers one of India’s most dependable curricula, equips students from Grades 1 to 12 with the academic and skills-based knowledge required in a global context. It provides the distinctive Global Montessori Plus (GMP) kindergarten curriculum, which educates young children on how to be life-long learners.

2. A teacher of international standing
Instructors at GIIS are always of the highest caliber, since the school believes that teachers are the foundation of each student’s learning experience. All teachers have received extensive training in adapting to kids’ requirements and providing appropriate advice at all times.

3. Modern infrastructure
GIIS guarantees that no stone is left unturned in giving students the same experiences as their counterparts in other developed nations, with state-of-the-art facilities erected across the school’s campus. Every facility in GIIS retains its commitment to global standards, from a large football field to a well-stocked library.

9. Framework 9GEMS
The award-winning ‘9GEMS’ educational framework helps GIIS achieve its objective of guaranteeing children’s complete development. Through its adaptable curriculum, it focuses on cultivating academic achievement, a spirit of sportsmanship, inherent creativity, and much more among all of its students.

5. Students’ specialized programs
Through a variety of activities, GIIS encourages students to develop their abilities. GIIS guarantees that no child’s potential is untapped by the time they finish school by offering a variety of clubs for kids interested in math, science, public speaking, and other subjects.

6. Extracurricular activities are emphasised
Apart from the above-mentioned value-added programmes, GIIS also instils a sense of sportsmanship in each kid via a variety of activities such as badminton, basketball, table tennis, martial arts, chess, and others. The school hopes that by implementing these activities, children will be encouraged to participate in team-building exercises that will teach them the value of cooperation and learning from their peers.

7. The Happiness Index is included.
The notion of finding joy in every phase of the learning process is at the heart of the GIIS educational system. GIIS has created the Happiness Index to regularly measure the level of enjoyment that its students are enjoying as a part of their educational journey in order to guarantee that this aim is realised through its curriculum. GIIS guarantees that a happy and engaging atmosphere exists for students to grow by assessing the Index using criteria such as student comments, parent testimonials, good academic achievement, student-centric questionnaires, and so on.

8. Affordably priced fees
While some international CBSE schools in Ahmedabad demand expensive prices in comparison to the contemporary facilities and extensive curriculum they give to their students, GIIS guarantees that a pricing structure that is affordable to the greatest number of students is in place. GIIS has a well-designed yearly fee structure that is suitably priced in accordance with the world-class amenities it has to offer, ranging from Rs. 60,776 for its GMP programme to Rs. 69,164 for its CBSE programme.

While parents want to provide their children with the most up-to-date information, it is widely recognised that obtaining a comprehensive holistic education can only be achieved via creative teaching techniques and co-curricular activities. As a result, schools like GIIS may be regarded as one of the top schools in Ahmedabad for children since they not only give education that focuses on their students’ complete development but also educate them to become mature, compassionate, and productive citizens of a global society.