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Top features of Online Examination Software

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Top features of Online Examination Software


With the advent of technological innovation, the education sector is moving to an online testing and evaluation software medium that replaces the obsolescence, time and effort consuming the pen paper format.

Education and business sectors around the world use assessment as a primary source to gain in-depth knowledge of student learning and candidate skills. As the widespread assessment requirements grow, online examination software is expected to be the clear future for exam management. Moreover, the current COVID scenario has made the online source of assessment an ultimatum for continuity in the academic world.

Compared to the manual process, the online solution is very secure and agile and less prone to errors that could otherwise occur.


However, there are some essential online exam software features that you need to check before buying, taking a look at these features will help you make the right decision.

Lets discuss Top features of Online examination software

Registration and planning automation

The first step in conducting an assessment is registration and classification of candidates. Pre-testing steps can get really messy if proper candidate management features are not available within the platform when doing large exams. Therefore, this is one of the first and most important functions, including processing student applications, managing candidates in groups, creating exam timetables, and more.

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Generate evaluation pattern

Use the most needed feature, ‘Generate Evaluation Pattern’ to give your evaluation a perfect look and clarity. In a nutshell, you can define and group different categories to modify grades within an assessment. For certain assigned courses, they can be applied and followed during student evaluation. Whether internal or external, it helps you define your evaluation patterns on the go.

Question selection and management

The reliability and effectiveness of an online assessment is highly dependent on the bank in question. The online exam software is integrated with 9 question types that can be used to generate all types of questions such as MCQ, single digit, fill in the blanks, subjective types, true-false, and more. Combinations of other problem types are also possible. It is used to bring a variety of test formats. Test authors can also add multimedia elements such as images, videos, graphs and mathematical equations.

Easy approval process

Getting easy approval for a questionnaire in the process of conducting an exam can be a daunting task for many. However, using an effective online assessment tool makes the job really easy with an easy approval process for question papers.


The automated approval workflow, managed with full encryption, makes the entire evaluation process easy and complete when routing and synchronizing.

Mark and level assignment

The marking scheme should be properly defined in online testing for automatic result generation in later stages. The online test platform offers a variety of marking schemes including negative and decimal marks. Defining the difficulty level in the test is another essential factor to strengthen the test format and can be easily done using the features provided in the test creation section.

Instant notification of exam schedule

Timely alerts and notifications via SMS or email provide students, teachers and parents with information about exam evaluation schedules, revision updates, and evaluation results. See everything in real time via push notifications or alerts via web, mobile or the app. Therefore, this is one of the important features of an online exam software or evaluation solution.