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Top Features You Never Over Look When Buying Travel Back Pack Bags


Are you planning your next road trip? Backpackers are certainly the best option. They are more convenient as compared to the light-weight suitcase. They may be wheeled or without wheels.

  • Always select one that is good to carry during your road trips
  • You have to focus on the safety and panel access features
  • Selecting the right size backpack bag is essential

You may have to focus on some cool features when buying the best bag for travel. There are little things that are important to get familiar with, before buying.

Material type

As you are not going to spend most of your time in the hotel room, so, the right material choice is important. When searching, you will come across different material type. You can select polyester, nylon, or fabric material.

It is better to select one that is made up of water-resistant material. These are ideal for road trips. The material you select should withstand all types of downpours. They are the best choice if you are panning your boat trip. The bags will also have a separate compartment for storing your wet clothing.

Frame factor

Backpacks may usually have a very durable internal framing. The bags are more convenient as they lack an external frame. This makes the bag more comfortable if you carry it on your back.

Always check with the internal frame quality. It should be made up of quality internal frame material that is durable. It should withstand all impacts – mild or strong. External frames are never supportable for a backpack bag.

Shoulder strips

You are going to carry the backpack bag on your shoulder most of the time. Most backpacks are provided with adjustable type shoulder straps. These are generally padded out of soft material.

The straps will easily rest on the shoulder. It should be an adjustable type so you can adjust the length of the strap. The pads should make the bag feel much lighter in weight. The pads should be well cushioned. You can try and search for quality bags online from backpack Dubai dealers.


If you buy a backpack bag that does not have a hip belt, then it may not be easy to carry it on your back. The hip belt will offer the right support to the bag when resting on the back.

If the hip belt is adjustable type then it is an added benefit. The belt will support the full weight of the bag. This prevents the bag from breaking loose. It will also offer the bag with the best support. The hip belt should be in perfect alignment with the hip region of the body.

Compression strap

Most backpack bags are usually provided with good quality compression straps. You will find the strap more useful if you have to store the wet towel, or your leather jacket inside the bag when traveling.

The compression straps can easily be attached outside the backpack bags. These are usually in the form of temporary attachments. It makes your travels more convenient. Always test the compression straps before you decide to buy any backpack bag.

Drawstrings and bungee ties

When traveling, you may have a lot of items that may not fit on the inner side of the bag. You can’t just leave these things in the hotel room. You may want to carry most of these items with you as they are essentials.

Thus drawstrings and bungee ties are important accessories. These can be temporary or permanent types. You find them attached to the bag. They can hold a lot of accessories like plastic bags, shoes, clothes, etc.

Sleep bag

The sleeping bag is never provided along with the backpack that you buy. It may have a small compartment to hold the sleeping bag in its place. You can also carry additional accessories including a laptop you may not have to carry a laptop bags additionally.

Backpack bags will usually have extra straps for carrying sleeping mats and sheets. This feature makes the bag more convenient to carry even when on foot.

A good quality backpack bag will always be designed to hold all odd items in one place. They certainly are designed for all types of travel plans. Always check the quality of the bag before buying. Spend a little more money on buying a durable backpack bag.