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Top Five Common Prejudices About VXI Headsets


High-quality sound is the need of all offices. VXI headsets come with specific features to produce high-quality sound for office and personal use. They can deliver comfort to you 24/7. Their manufacturing materials are high-quality and affordable. Their active noise-canceling technology (ANC) can help to stop the background noise from disrupting your communication. They come with hearing protection features. Their headbands are metallic and come in various wearing styles. They are compatible with multiple devices that possess Bluetooth technology. They also do have DECT technology. It can produce a natural sound for your ears. They have become the perfect choice for various call center offices.

Different types of headsets are present in the market. Other users have additional reviews about various types of headsets. When it comes to VXI headsets, people have some prejudices. We have to make it clear that these headsets are perfect for office and personal use. Following are some common prejudices about them.

They Can Give Ear Infection

Certain users have spread this prejudicial myth that these headsets are harmful to the ears. They have made people think that these headsets can cause a nasty ear infection. It is a fact that ears are directly exposed to headsets. These headsets may block the air passage to the ears. It can increase the chances of developing an ear infection. Another fact is that long-term or excessive use of headsets can provide favorable conditions for the growth of bacteria. These headsets can become the medium to transfer bacteria to ears. In this case, when people share headsets, they may transfer the infection from one person to another. This problem is infrequent, and with some precautions, you can get rid of it. You should clean it regularly and avoid excessive use. This problem is common to all kinds of headsets. They aren’t only related to these headsets.

Use Older Music To Test Them

There is another prejudice that these headsets should be tested with older music. It is an unrealistic myth that you shouldn’t believe. When you have to try any headsets, you don’t have to choose a certain kind of music. You can have any type of music. You may test them by using all types of music. You don’t have to be limited to only old music. It is a better idea to try the headsets by using all kinds of music. It can give you a better idea about the quality of the headset. Hence, you should make use of all types of music for testing these headsets. They can perform better with all sorts of sounds.

Cause Noise-Induced Hearing Loss

There are some noise-induced issues. Hearing loss can be due to various reasons. It doesn’t have a connection with exposure to sound with headsets. Some people think that VXI Headphones can cause noise-induced hearing loss. It would help if you didn’t believe this myth because it has nothing to do with reality. Most models of these headsets come with specific features to protect hearing. They come with the latest technological features for ensuring that they are safe for users. However, it would help if you kept in mind that increased exposure to loud sounds may cause hearing loss. Therefore, you should avoid increased exposure to this. Use it with lesser sound and also avoid increased exposure.

Expensive Headsets With Lesser Control

Most users try to find the best headsets with maximum advanced features. Control features are essential for users because they can help to control certain features. For example, users have to adjust the volume or enhance the sound features. They may also have to control other features. Some people have spread the wrong fact that VXI wireless headsets don’t come with control keys. This is an unrealistic fact. These headsets come with control keys present on their headband. Users can use these keys to adjust volume, enhance the sound, or control other features. They also possess an indicator to let the colleagues know that the user is on a call with the clients. Hence, these headsets come with control keys. Moreover, they aren’t expensive. They are the best headsets that you can get by spending less.

They Don’t Have A Powerful Battery 

The battery life of headsets is significant for users. The higher battery can help the users use them for long hours without charging. There is another prejudicial myth that these headsets come with less powerful batteries. The fact is that these headsets come with a powerful storm. They may have 8 hours or more battery life. You can use them for one working day without any tension of charging them again and again. Hence, it would help if you didn’t believe this myth.

We have described some common prejudices about VXI headsets. We have come to know that some people have spread these prejudices to spoil the reputation of these headsets. They have nothing to do with reality. In this article, we have explained them and facts about these headsets. These headsets are perfect for professional and personal use.