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Top Four Online Courses to Get Ahead in Audio Transcription Services


There are different tools for transcription such as Express Scribe, Text Expanders, Cleaning up hard to hear audio, and more that are also developed especially for students. So, let’s get started!

I have covered a wide range of online transcription courses that help you how to learn audio transcription properly along with grammatically correct. Some highly progressive Audio transcription services also offer these audio transcription courses for beginners online for free.

Learn How to begin transcription (SkillShare)

The first process that I’m going to share is an excellent online transcription class that increases your confidence level for correctly transcribing highly complex audio clips.

You’ll meet Elizabeth Le Roux who is the instructor of this class; she also runs her own transcription business- the name is “Overflowing Oil’.

Transcription Skills- learn starting to professional Skills (Udemy)

It might be the best class for those who want to quickly progress from beginner to advanced level after a comprehensive transcription course. At this platform, 6,000 beginner transcriptionists have learned this advanced course and given it an average rating of 4.4 stars.

Chelsea Flint is the instructor of your online audio transcription course, and she is a specialist in transcription who has worked for international companies like Verbal Ink and KMS service.

Master captions, subtitles & Transcription tools! (Skillshare)

I’m sure most of the students want to learn online course that starts from video edition and end to transcription courses. Don’t worry! Now you have a great opportunity to learn transcription along with making subtitles for videos.

The class will be conducted by Nitay L, a professional English and Hebrew translator who has several years of experience working with popular firms to help them transcribe video and create subtitles.

The period is 1 hour in which Nitay will cover some topics in which students will learn how to make transcribing a part-time job before diving into topics on how to use paid and free transcription tools and more.