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Top Funeral Messages to Write on a Funeral Card


The greatest pain in the world is when someone close to you passes on. While sending funeral messages is one way of expressing your sorrow, sometimes composing yourself to write a funeral message can be very hard. The reason being that the amount of grief that has filled your heart is enormous.

Although it’s not easy, try to remember the good times that you shared with the deceased, and that will inspire you to write a thoughtful funeral message that will help comfort the family. If the one who passed on was not close to you, you still need to find the right words to comfort the family and friends. 

Funeral flowers can also be a great source of inspiration. The proper funeral flowers to send to the bereaved are white ones. That is why those who have lost their fathers wear white roses and place white flowers on their graves. If you are writing a funeral message for your mother, father, sister, brother, or any other close relative, addressing it with the kind of relationship that you shared is ideal. 

If you are attending a wake or a funeral service of someone you didn’t know very well, try to get the name, profession, and any critical information that may help you write the funeral message. It is embarrassing and careless to refer to the deceased as he when it’s a woman who passed on. 

Since there are many people who want to deliver their condolences and funeral messages, try to keep the funeral message short and straight to the point. Keeping the funeral message brief is also a great way to show respect to the bereaved. The message should be sympathizing, empathic, supportive, and sensitive. 

Although a funeral message may not take away the pain, it will make the bereaved feel loved, cared for, and strong through such trying moments. Most of them feel lost, confused, and hopeless. As you write your funeral message, try to include encouraging words that will draw their thoughts from sorrow and grief and make them feel peaceful and strong. To help you write a thoughtful funeral message, here are a few ideas and words of inspiration. 

What Should You Write as a Funeral Massage in Your Card? 

It is not easy to think of the right words to comfort the bereaved. Avoid using funny words and phrases unless you were really close to the deceased and you shared fun moments together. Maintain a somber mood when reading out your card, as this will show you care. The bereaved show quickly tells that you are deeply touched and moved by the loss.

Besides sending a funeral card alone, you can also include simple gifts such as flowers, a basket of fruits, or sweet treats. Although they will tell you that they are not hungry, a caring friend or loved one encourages them to eat so that they can gain strength and stay strong in these challenging times. Lacking the words to say sorry may not be there; that is why it is good to include floral gifts to encourage them to pull through. If you completely lack words, a thoughtful gesture is to be there physically so that you can help them gather the strength to stay strong and pull through. It only takes a few words to divert their sorrow and stay positive. 

If you need to express yourself by writing a funeral message, we have listed below guidelines to help you choose the right sympathy words. Words. Whether you decide to write exactly as it is or use them as guidelines, these messages will surely help you to express your sorrow vividly. Accompanying your funeral messages with sympathy flowers will even make the message much better if you are not really good with words. Let’s get into it! 

Thoughtful Funeral Messages to Express Your Grief 

With your funeral message, you can decide to express your deep sorrow, tell of the sweet memories that you had with the deceased, or show how close you were to the departed one. You need to put your message into very simple words. Now is not the time to show people how good you are with complex vocabulary. Relying on your words with simplicity shows your humility. Tell the relevant parts of what you shared with the departed soul. Let’s look at what is proper to send as a funeral message to the bereaved. 

Examples of Funeral Messages

“It is with my deepest sympathy that I share my sorrows with the loss (name). May God be your solace at this hour of grief. “

“Even though we just met the other day, he showed me love and treated me like a brother. May he rests in peace.”

“The joy that she brought while entering the room was out of this world. I don’t know where to begin to express my sorrows.”


Remember that life is too short, and you need to live it to the fullest. As you share with others good times, you should also share with the hard times. With a funeral message, you can easily express your sorrows in times of grief. Keep it short and straight to the point, and feel free to accompany your message with lovely sympathy flowers.