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Top Reasons Why Your Car Tyres Burst


Tyre bursts for a driver might be one of their most frightening experiences while driving. The explosion-like sound and the urge to suddenly step on the brakes- the two things combined can cause the car to flip. Tyre blowout happens due to the pressurised air present inside the car tyre escaping rapidly. Knowing the reasons behind why a tyre burst happens can prepare you to handle the worst.

Tyre bursts can happen anytime, and it causes panic, which can lead to one miscalculated step and ultimately something fatal like an accident. The list below will give you the reasons behind tyre blowouts and what to do when the structural integrity of your vehicle’s tyre is compromised.

Driving The Car At High Speed

One of the most common reasons behind run flat Tyres Lincoln blowing out would be driving at a speed much higher than recommended. The car manual will always mention the maximum driving speed you can attain. Over speeding with bad road condition will lead to a tyre blowout.

Each tyre is built keeping in mind a certain speed, and going beyond that, the tyre’s structural integrity will fail, and the tyre will collapse. Follow your tyre speed judiciously to ensure they go on for a long time.

Investing In Low-Key Second-Hand Car Tyres

During investing in tyres, many would be looking for a cheaper option. This is a huge mistake that any car owner could commit- not investing in quality tyres. The tyres are your safety component and, you would be jeopardising it by going for the cheap ones, especially second-hand ones. Used tyres are called second-hand tyres because they have completed a part of their shelf life or most of it.

Second-hand tyres are not reliable, more so when you do not know the condition and maintenance done or not before. This can be a huge reason behind tyre blowouts. The moment tyres show warning signs like tread depth equal to tread wear indicator, it is time to replace them.

Extreme Temperatures

Extreme temperatures are a real cause behind tyre blowouts, especially during the summers. While you are driving, sitting inside your car’s air conditioner, your tyres take the brunt of the heated road. With the increase in temperature, the air inside your car tyre expands and ultimately leads to tyre bursts.

After a certain temperature, the pressure can pop like a balloon. Again, under-inflation of tyres is another reason as surface area contact increases as extreme temperatures can cause losing the solidity of the tyre.

Extreme Cases Of Over-Inflation and Under-Inflation

Car tyres Lincoln bursts can happen if the air pressure inside it is too less or too much. Over-inflated tyres along with heated road, bad road condition and potholes are never a great combination. Again, low air pressure will increase the surface contact and cause the tyres to wear out even more.

Overheating is the main cause behind tyres bursting. Make sure that you check your vehicle air pressure to ensure it is within its optimum range. Replace the tyres if you see leaks, punctures which cannot be repaired and also for worn-out tyres.

Overloading Beyond Recommended Load Weight

Overloading alongside low air pressure is a deadly combination when driving. Adding too much weight to your vehicle will, in turn, put pressure on the tyres. The load index tells you the maximum weight your car can carry, and make sure you know it.

Again, driving habits is another reason behind tyre blowout. Rough driving and sudden braking are some of the reasons behind your tyres deteriorating. Car maintenance every few months ensures your tyres are in pristine condition. Invest in quality puncture kits to mend them yourself until and unless you find a mechanic while on road trips or during an emergency like tyre burst. Knowing the reasons behind it helps you take preventive steps to avoid any unfortunate incident that could put you at risk.



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