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Top SEO Tools That SEO Experts Use


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Learning Search engine optimization is not a piece of cake, there is so much to learn in this particular domain. It is a diverse study of tools, techniques, and tactics to enhance the ranking of your website in search results. Mastering the same is enormously difficult, especially when you are emerging as a new website. But luckily, there are numerous SEO tools available that help you out in performing SEO of your website. And, the best part is there are various free tools as well. 

Applying consistent SEO tactics enhances your website’s visibility and reachability to the targeted audience. SEO is simply a method used to enhance a website’s ranking in search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. And, SEO tools are the one that makes this whole process more easy and flexible. SEO tactics free you from tedious keyword research and data analysis. With these tools, you can seamlessly examine what improvements are required to uplift your website in the search results.

 The best SEO tools let you know numerous things and provide reports about how you measure up to competitors and where the greatest opportunities lie. Well, let’s now jump to know what are the top SEO tools that experts use.


Top SEO tools behind the success of SEO experts 

Ahrefs: SEO Keyword Tool

Ahrefs is one of the first recommended SEO tools for SEO experts. The tool suggests which parts of your website need improvements to rank better in search engine results. From a competitor analysis perspective, you’ll likely use Ahrefs to figure out your competitor’s backlinks to use them as a start line for your brand.

You can also use this SEO tool to seek out the foremost links to content within your niche and fix broken links on your website. You can also get a summary of your best-performing pages.

SEMRush: Marketing SEO Tools

SEMRush, a marketing SEO tool is one of the favorite tools of SEO specialists. The best part is, it seamlessly lets you assess your rankings. One of the best and known features of this SEO tool is, it allows you to easily compare your website to your competitors. The On-Page SEO Checker tool enables you to monitor your rankings and find some recommendations on how to boost your website’s performance.


GrowthBar, it’s another tool that provides aid to SEO experts. It is a simple chrome extension that gives you access to critical SEO data points about any website. It also opens the growth channels and keywords that are working for them. This tool enables you to search best-performing keywords, backlink data, domain authority, page word count, Facebook ads, and more.

Google Search Console

Google Search Console lets you monitor your website’s visibility in Google SERP. You only have to verify your website by simply adding a code to your website or going through Google Analytics. 

After that, you can submit your sitemap for indexing. As an SEO checker tool, Google Search Console helps you keenly understand how Google and its users view your website. Thus, allow you to optimize for better performance in Google search results. It lets site owners submit web pages for search indexing, Facebook ads, word count, and more.

Moz Pro 

Moz Pro is a complete all-in-one SEO toolset that helps boost your rankings and search engine visibility. It is one of the best SEO tools that experts use. Moz’s chat portal always allows getting an insightful response to every question asked. Whether you’re looking for keyword suggestions or a site crawl, Moz Pro is a full-service powerhouse. Moz Pro not only lets you know how your website is performing but also how to improve it. They also have a free Moz Pro toolbar that you can download to see your website’s metrics while browsing any page. 

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the best weapon if you are an SEO specialist. Leverage this tool, as much as you can to get enhanced outcomes. There is no other data source that provides high-quality and comprehensive information like Google Analytics. Maximum of the other data tools just piggyback on Google’s data using the API.

Filter Your Search

When you have a clear overview of related keywords that align with your company and its goals, put on the filter feature to narrow your search.

You want to uncover keywords with enough search volume to maneuver the needle, without specializing in anything that has a particularly high SEO Difficulty score. Even though it cuts out quite 400 keywords, you’re left with 12 that match your exact criteria. 

“Content marketing examples” is one of the simplest keywords on the list. It can drive highly targeted traffic to your website, and with an SD of 17, you’ve got an honest chance of ranking.


Ubersuggest is an all-in-one SEO tool that acts as a gamechanger for SEO experts. Examining you and your competitor’s progress and finding strategies to improve your site is the best way to succeed in SEO. 

It comes with super easy functionality, to get started with Ubersuggest is as simple as typing a domain or keyword into the search bar. It’s a perfect alternative to the Google Keyword Planner tool.

SpyFu: Free SEO Tools

While SpyFu has a tremendous premium version, many of the experts raved about its free features. If you’re just starting, you’ll easily grow into the paid features as you start succeeding. You can easily view the number of times a keyword gets searched monthly while easily determining the ranking difficulty for that keyword. You can also do some research on your competitors to work out which keywords they use. Additionally, you’ll search your competitor’s, or your own website to simply see what percentage of organic keywords they need. It also reveals what percentage of monthly clicks they get, who their paid and organic competitors are, the campaigns they’re running with Google Ads, etc. It’s one of the detailed SEO analysis tools in the market.


Lastly, SEO plays a significant role in taking your website to the highest peak. SEO experts with the help of SEO tools, tactics, and techniques get to succeed in the SEO world. We have shared all the top leading tools that SEO experts use. If you’re on a budget, most of these tools have free features that you can play around with. Try them out to see amazing results. Discover what you need to improve to rank higher in SERPs. 

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