Top Seven Things to consider before choosing an International School in Singapore

About International Schools International schools around the world have gained a reputation for preparing children for better higher education opportunities. The situation was not the same a decade ago. Many families back then had to … Read More

About International Schools

International schools around the world have gained a reputation for preparing children for better higher education opportunities. The situation was not the same a decade ago. Many families back then had to choose a private or public school for their children due to the lack of international schools in their neighborhood. Today, things have changed. There are international schools in every nook and corner of every area in Singapore. Today, International Schools in Singapore have gained so much attraction from students all around the world. They are known to have the best opportunities for students with a holistic approach. 

International schools have continued to progress in terms of opportunities for children, cultural exposure, best facilities, trained faculty, and more. These are just a few of the many benefits that International Schools in Singapore have for children. Unlike many other schools that use traditional modes of teaching, international schools provide children with a more practical mode of learning. They allow students to learn through applied experience that makes use of all of their senses. 

Things to consider:

With so many added benefits, more parents are sending their children to international schools. But with so many options, as a parent, what things should you consider as most important, while choosing an international school for your child in Singapore?

  1. Understanding the child’s needs 

More than any other aspect of consideration, your child’s needs are of the utmost importance. The priority as a parent is the best interest of your child and understanding their needs while looking for a school is crucial. Making your children a part of finding a school process will be a helpful move. Making them comfortable and having a conversation about their needs will help you get a clear idea of what to look for. Taking your child’s needs, weaknesses, strengths, comfort, and discomfort into consideration is an important aspect to keep in mind. 

  1. Environment of the school 

A child’s comfort is equally central as much as his needs are. A school that makes sure that your child is comfortable in their school is the ideal one. The environment of the school needs to be warm and welcoming.  As children spend nearly half their days in schools, it is imperative that they feel comfortable in the space.

  1. Credibility of the school 

The credibility of a school gives you a clear idea of how good or bad the school performs. The credibility of a school gives you an insight into how well the school performs and whether or not the school is consistent with its performance. GIIS Singapore is a school that has gained international recognition. It is one school that has consistently been making progress in the way they approach learning and teaching in their school. GIIS is an award-winning international school in Singapore. 

  1. Curriculum and Ethos

The curriculum and ethos of a school are important aspects that need to be given heavy consideration. The language of instruction and the curriculum are important aspects. Finding a school with English as their medium of instruction allows the child extra credibility if they want to pursue studies internationally. The curriculum that you choose for your child should be a significant one as it makes your child eligible for numerous university options later on in life. It gives your child consistency in learning and growing. Curriculums like Montessori, International Baccalaureate, and CBSE are internationally accepted and recognized curriculums. 

  1. Fees and cost

As a parent who wants to provide their child with the best education under a budget, it is essential to look into the fees and cost of the school that you choose. The School Fees in Singapore vary from school to school. Understanding the fee structure and seeing if the school fits your budget becomes important. Another thing that international schools offer to students under a budget, are scholarships. Scholarships are a great way to give your child an education they deserve. These scholarships are merit-based and empower outstanding students with the opportunity to make  education affordable.   

  1. Learning beyond the four walls of a classroom

As much as you want your child to concentrate on studies, you can not deviate from the fact that extracurricular and cocurricular activities are equally significant for their growth. As a parent looking for the overall development of their child, a school that brings in a good balance of academic, extracurricular, and co-curricular activities is the best-suited school. Having a look into the kind of clubs, societies, playgrounds, gym, sports teams, theatre groups and other facilities that a school has will ensure their involvement in extracurricular and co-curricular activities for children. 


Your child’s educational needs are extremely important. A good international school certainly helps cater to his educational needs in the long run. It is very challenging to find the perfect fitting school for your child’s aspirations. Therefore, understanding the above-mentioned aspects will help you find the best school that suits the interest of your child.


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