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Top Supplements to Include in Your Active Lifestyle

Top Supplements to Include in Your Active Lifestyle

Choosing a perfect supplement for enhancing your overall health is not an easy task. Leading an active lifestyle requires you to take care of all the supplements that go inside your body. This isn’t a simple errand! While shopping for supplements to suit your active lifestyle, you will find a myriad of brands, herbal remedies, best energy bars and sports supplements for health. And to choose the one that suits your body needs is of utmost importance, as a wrong option will not lead you to good health.

According to the 2015 CRN Consumer Survey on Dietary Supplements, 68% of Americans take dietary supplements, and the percentage has remained stable over the past five years. Plus, 78% of Americans do believe that nutritional supplements deliver what they print on the label.

But how to know which supplements can develop overall health, when there are a plethora of options?  Here in this piece, you will find some essential supplements to help you choose the perfect one.

Essential Supplements You Should Consider

a.     Vitamin D

Vitamin D is vital because it helps absorb calcium, lowers the risk of cancer, decreases the chances of type 2 diabetes, and boosts our immune system. However, around 1 billion people have low levels of Vitamin D across the globe. Such a huge number is quite alarming as the consequences are life-threatening and painful.

This fat-soluble vitamin is proven beneficial for bone health and for preventing fractures and falls. The low levels of Vitamin D are also because of less exposure to sunlight or absorb Vitamin D from the sun. Few food items can fulfill your vitamin D requirements, like oily fish, liver, egg yolks, red meat, and breakfast cereals.

Benefits of consuming Vitamin D supplements

  • Supports diabetes management and lowers insulin levels.
  • Promotes healthy bones and nervous system health.
  • Improves lung functioning and prevents cardiovascular diseases

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b.     Folic Acid

Folic acid is a vital nutrient for those who are trying to get pregnant as it reduces the risk of various birth defects. Pregnant women need 400 mg of folic acid every day. For a fact, all women of childbearing age must include folic acid in their diet to avoid pregnancy-related problems.

Folic acid stimulates the growth of tissues and ensures the proper functioning of all cells. This nutrient also helps the body to generate red blood cells and protein. Moreover, folic acid helps in producing DNA that carries genetic traits and information.

Try to get folic acid from natural food sources like seeds, broccoli, nuts, leafy vegetables, lettuce, avocado, and peanuts.

Benefits of consuming Folic acid supplements

  • Folate-based supplements reduce the risk of heart diseases and improve heart health.
  • It helps in controlling blood sugar levels, curtails insulin resistance.
  • Folic acid supplements help reduce the occurrence of side effects linked to the use of certain medications.

c.      Fish Oil

A plethora of research suggests fish oil and Omega 3 fatty acids as a promoter of a healthy heart. Inflammation risks your life by damaging blood vessels leading to heart diseases or stroke. Omega 3 fatty acids help reduce inflammation and also decrease triglycerides.

The American Heart Association advises consuming fish at least twice a week. Natural food sources are undoubtedly your best bet for incorporating Omega 3 into your diet. Animal sources that are high in Omega 3 are herring, salmon, mackerel, sardines, tuna, and lake trout.

People who don’t like fish can opt for fish oil supplements, but make sure to consult a doctor before including fish oil supplements in your diet.

Benefits of fish oil supplements

  • Hinders plaque development in the arteries
  • Lowers the risk of heart attacks and stroke
  • Decreases the chance of cardiac arrest
  • Lower the chance of an unusual heart rate.

d.     Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 is known as an energy boost supplement, as it keeps blood cells healthy and helps your body to create DNA. According to the National Institute of Health, Vitamin B12 is vital in preventing anemia called megaloblastic anemia, making people weak and tired.

The amount of B12 you require every day depends on your age; adults need 2.4 mcg, pregnant women require 2.6 mcg, whereas breastfeeding women require 2.8 mcg. Vitamin B12 is found naturally in many food sources and fortified food. Best sources of Vitamin B12 include clams and beef liver. Meat, poultry, milk, eggs, fish, and dairy products also contain vitamin B12.

Benefits of Vitamin B12 supplements

  • Staves off various birth defects.
  • Prevents osteoporosis and supports bone health
  • Might reduce the risk of macular degeneration
  • Improves symptoms of depression

e.     Magnesium

Magnesium is the fourth most substantial mineral in the body. It plays a vital role in brain development and promotes good health. It supports the immune system, helps to build muscle, regulates, blood pressure, and stimulates nerve function.

An adult body comprises around 25 grams of magnesium, 50-60% of which is stored in the skeletal system. The rest amount is present in body fluids, muscle, and soft tissues. Deficiency of magnesium leads to various health issues, so make sure to meet the recommended dose of magnesium everyday.

Benefits of magnesium supplements

  • Magnesium is essential for healthy bone formation.
  • A high magnesium diet lowers the risk of Type 2 diabetes.
  • The body needs magnesium to maintain muscle health and a healthy heart.

f.       Probiotics

Probiotics are vital for gut health, making them an essential supplement for optimum health because the gut helps digest and absorb nutrients. Probiotics are good bacteria that help the gut function properly and enhance overall health.

The bacterial imbalance can lead to certain nutrient deficiencies even after consuming a balanced diet. Research suggests that probiotic supplements support healthy immune function, weight management, inflammation regulation, and proper brain health.


A healthy body is the most coveted treasure, and to maintain stability, certain supplements are important for proper functioning. If you are not able to fulfill daily nutrient requirements by your diet, incorporate supplements, and energy bars to keep a balance.