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Top Symptoms of a High-pressure Diesel Oil Pump Hpop


A high-pressure diesel oil pump is required to pump oil in Ford Motor Company’s Power stroke diesel truck engine. The Ford 7.3l diesel hpop delivers oil to moving parts and monitors the pressure while delivering the oil. Like all oil pumps, the high-pressure oil pump can also have performance problems. Here is some top symptom of a high-pressure diesel oil pump that indicates it has gone bad.

Blue Exhaust Smoke

If you notice blue exhaust smoke and the oil level is falling, it means your truck engine is burning oil due to an oil leak. The leak could be caused by worn cylinder walls, damaged piston rings, and leaking valve seals. If you notice this symptom, you should call a professional to inspect the problem and get it fixed.

Weak Engine without Smoke

If you experience a loss of engine power without smoke, it might indicate something is wrong with the high high-pressure oil pump. The HPOP plays an important part in the engine’s performance. It delivers an oil that is used to activate injectors. In 7.3L Power Stroke, the oil is delivered by hpop located in the front cover.

The Ford 7.3 l diesel hpop takes oil received from the crankcase and pumps it back at high pressure through hoses that run to the right and left of the cylinder heads. The injector works as an “amplifier piston.”

If the hpop is going bad, it will not pump oil with high pressure; it will affect the activation of injectors and the working of cylinder heads that prevents sufficient fuel from entering the chamber. The result is a drop in engine power without smoke.

Long Crank Time to Start

To get your vehicle moving, the engine should rotate at sufficient speeds. Cranking an engine means turning the engine’s crankshaft that rotates the engine to power it. If the truck engine takes a long crank time to start, there might be some problem with the Ford 6.0 l high-pressure oil pump. According to auto experts, the cranking of 3 seconds can be considered an extended crank time. If the hpop is not supplying oil with the required pressure, the injectors will not be activated, leading to a longer crank time.

Oil Leak in the Engine Valley

If the hpop leaks, it will spew out oil very fast in the engine valley. If you notice an oil leak in the engine valley, you need to call a professional inspect your hpop.

Weak at High RPMs

If your engine loses power at high RPMs but has plenty of power at lower RPMs, it could happen due to faulty hpop. At higher RPM, the engine burns more fuel for excess power. If the Ford 6.0 l high pressure oil pump is faulty, the injectors and engine heads will not work correctly, affecting engine performance at higher RPMs.

Sooty Acceleration

If you notice black smoke on acceleration, it could be due to hpop going bad. If the hpop does not function optimally, it affects the combustion of fuel which causes the engine to release black smoke.

To sum up, these are some symptoms you need to look for when diagnosing problems in your Ford Truck. If you notice these symptoms, call a professional to inspect ford truck’s hpop.