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Top Three Tips to Avoid Failure in Video Captioning Services 


We can understand captions as a great solution that increases video accessibility among people who are deaf or hard of hearing. But a captioned video may act according to today’s general audiences’ behaviors. It means 69% of people view the video on mute in public places and the other 25% watch videos on mute mode when they’re in private.

But, what you will do if your caption goes wrong? Because failing in adding captions to a video is genuine and it doesn’t just cut these potential viewers but it also proofs failed to reach the impact of all of your branded content.

So, in this post, I’ll share the top 3 tips of high-engagement video captioning services to avoid the above mistakes and get several benefits concerning your resources, limitations, and needs.

Captioning upon Request 

Proactively anticipating this requirement is particularly essential for live, virtual events such as conferences and webinars. Ignoring a need for captioned content might stay away from some viewers, restricting their ability to participate.

You need a plan about asking your attendees regarding their captioning needs during the registration process for your upcoming virtual event.

Captioning top-performing video content 

If you want to work on it, make sure you’re captioning to videos that pique the most valuable among your audience- also where there isn’t a captioning request. The cases are:

  • Live streams of event breakout sessions with the most attendees
  • Presentations from keynote speaker during the conference
  • Videos your firm would prefer re-use in the future

Also, you need to review the captions delivered by experts as you may do so in the Captions Editor platform.

Captioning all materials 

As you know captioning services come with a lot of benefits including better comprehension, better engagement, and amplified SEO, so your firm requires understanding the importance of captioning in all your videos.

With its marketing ROI on the upswing, your agency may turn to integrate captions into higher video content. Many companies work on high returns even easier as well.