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Top Trending Corporate Logo Design Ideas for 2021


Just like the seasons, trends change!  These fads may come and go but it’s important to notice the fact that what they bring along with them is the creativity of different minds. New ideas, unique concepts, different thoughts, and their metamorphosis result in a beautiful creation. Just like different trends for fashion, makeup, art trends there are trends for logos. Corporate logos have immensely changed from what they were in the past. Today, more creative minds brainstorm and generate distinct and professional logo designs for businesses, and they become the trend.

Logos are the identity factor of any business. They must be unique, custom-made, and creative. Without these fundamental elements, a logo design cannot be used as a corporate logo. They must have a distinctiveness that speaks for the brand itself. Designing a corporate logo is not an easy task. It takes a lot of time to understand the product or service, study it and take inspiration from its inception idea and purpose, and design it in context to the brand. It’s a whole lot of processes that provide a professional logo at the end, which businesses then use as their corporate logo. These logos not only act as the identity factors of business but also result in creating the hype and trend for business. Top 10 Most Expensive iPhone and iPad Apps 2021 Techntoste

Let’s have a look at the Top Trending Corporate Logo Design Ideas for 2021: 

Black and White Logo Design: 

Classics are definitely timeless. So not only are the black and white logo designs trending in 2021, they were, they are, and will always be trending undoubtedly! Black and white logos are the true epitome of creative logo designing as it is difficult to be really creative with a limited range of colors but many brands have black and white logo designs that are iconic. A few examples of such brands are:


Black and white Nike Logo


Xbox logo


Channel logo


Apple Logo 

Word Mark Logos:

Word mark logos are a true illustration of corporate logo designs with simply nothing but the business name. This logo design is always in trend because not only does it look really cool but it also does its job by simply reminding the brand’s name and making the brand more and more recognizable gradually. WordMark Logos actually customize the logo in the real sense of the word making it highly attributable to the brand with its name in the logo. Some famous examples are Tesco, Cadbury, and IKEA. TESCO logoCadbury LogoIKEA logo

Fine lines:

These logos have been trending in the year 2021. The sleek look given by these fine lines gives a special edge to the logo, making it sharp, sleek, and eye-capturing. This Rolls Royce logo is the exact depiction of style and class using the fine lines trend.

Rolls Royce Logo

Gradients and Vivid Colors:

Gradient coloring undoubtedly makes a cool logo design! This is done by adding depth and tangible quality to your design. This is quite uplifting and instantly changes the dynamic of the visual quality of the logo, making it an eye-candy. Alongside using gradient coloring businesses are also using bright colors to draw attention to their logos and the strategy is working quite well! 

Looking at the latest logo of Instagram one finds the gradient aspect smartly used which has amplified the look of the Instagram logo, making it an exceptional logo.

Instagram Logo

Looking at other social media platforms such as YouTube, snap chat and WhatsApp we find their logos designed using bright colors which are definitely eye-catching making it a top trend to use vivid colors in 2021.

Social Media Apps

Animated Logos

Another top trend of 2021 is the use of animated logos. These logos are not only creative but also a logo design with animation, peaks curiosity in the viewers to know more about the brand. This is a great tactic used to grab the attention of customers. 

3D Logo Designs

No doubt the world of design has been revolutionized and this is what gives rise to new and corporate logo designs. Among them is the use of 3D logo designs which is the perfect way to augment the realness aspect in a logo giving it a lot of depth and cutting edge. This creative logo design trend is for sure to stay!

Doesn’t this logo look cool with a sense of life in it making it trendy and unique!

3D logo designWe are halfway done with 2021 and no one knows what to expect in the future but one thing is for sure that these changes bring about creativity. One must adhere to these trends to learn, adapt and grow. Get some inspiration from these logos and design some great corporate logos.