Home Travel Totally Wild Botswana – the Ultimate Safari Destination With Botswana Safari Specials

Totally Wild Botswana – the Ultimate Safari Destination With Botswana Safari Specials

Botswana safari specials

If you talk about an African safari, you will get suggestions to visit Kenya, South Africa, and Tanzania. However, many people do not know another worth visiting wild safari destination. We are talking about Botswana. Yes, it is one of the best places to see varieties of wildlife. Botswana safari specials provide the opportunity to experience the wildlife in open fields. Let us look at the significant reserves you can see in Botswana.

Botswana safari specials – The central Kalahari Reserve

The Kalahari desert forms from a big chunk of Namibia, Botswana, and South Africa. It is about 360,000 square miles in area. To give a fair idea, it is about four times bigger than the UK! It is an undulating landscaper, but it houses many wildlife and birdlife sofa set online. Many creatures are visible easily, but you need to be more patient for seeing Aardwolf, Honey Badger, Pangolin.

Here you can visit Kibu Island, which is one of the Botswana safari specials. You can also witness how San Bushmen live in this environment by respecting and wildlife with their excellent survival skills.

Chobe Game Reserve

This reserve is located in the northeastern part of Botswana and stretches till Victoria falls (the meeting part of Zimbabwe and Zambia) from Linyanti. The Chobe reserve is renowned for its large herds of elephants. You can also witness other African wildlife. If you want to find the lodges and camps, it is available on the outskirts of Chobe. There you can indulge in numerous water activities. Suppose you need to stay at least two days to get a fair taste of this reserve.

The Tuli Block

Tuli Block is located on the border of Soth Africa. It is renowned for several private game farms. The eastern portion, including Redsheild, has been declared the game reserve, popularly called Northern Tuli Game Reserve. Tuli is also renowned for Solomon’s wall, where the ancestors of San left traces of rock paintings. It is easily accessible by road from all major cities of Botswana and South Africa. The wildlife of Tuli block is vivid, and you can see numerous landscapes, tigers, lions, a vast number of elephants, home for hippos.

Linyanti, Savuti and Selinda

Linyanti, Savuti, and Selinda are sandwiched between the Chobe National Park and Okavango Delta. It is a small landscape but not less significant. It is one of the Botswana safari specials. In this relatively more minor area, you can see vivid woodland habitats and other wildlife furniture shop hyderabad. During October and November, you can see seasonal migrants such as zebra and elephant herds. Some several camps and lodges suit the budget of all ranges.

Okavango Delta

This is the best of Botswana safari specials. Okavango delta is the lone river delta that floods during the dry season and does not drain into an ocean! It is the home for varieties of flora and fauna. The unique creatures you can see in this delta are Malachite Kingfisher, tiny frogs, Pel’s Fishing Owl, lions, buffaloes, Sitatunga African Hunting Dogs, tigers, etc.

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