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Tourist Places in California You Should Visit!


Here are some tourist places in California Everyone Visit once in a life

Sea World Park in California:

Another suggestion of California’s top tourist spots is Sea World Park. Located in the Mission Bay Park area of ​​San Diego, it is one of the best places to go with family and children. There are many attractions and animal exhibits there that the little ones are usually dazzled by. In this location, you can also enjoy the water toys that extend throughout the park, watch dolphin shows and many other marine animals and even learn more about the history of animals in the museums and galleries of the place. This tour, in addition to being great fun, is one of the best options for those on a trip with the little ones and don’t know how to entertain them there.

Santa Monica Beach in California:

Many tourists decide to go to California because it is a very warm state and full of beaches. Thus, one of the best beaches there, and that cannot be left out of your trip, is Santa Monica Beach. As the name implies, it is located in the city of Santa Monica, being much sought after by all visitors who go there. This beach is amazing, very familiar, with a sea in a dazzling blue tone and a huge and fine stretch of sand. Whether you want to spend an afternoon relaxing in the midst of a super involving atmosphere or practice some kind of sport, the simple fact of going to it has a totally special beauty in itself. So, take a day out of your itinerary and reserve it to enjoy the best of the state’s beaches in the best Californian style.

Pier 39 in California:

For those who want to enjoy entertainment, art and culture in one place, there’s nothing better than going to Pier 39 in San Francisco. Pier 39, located in the heart of San Francisco, is a commercial and tourist center that receives a huge amount of visitors every year. The place, which houses one of the main aquariums in the city, Aquarium of The Bay, a huge carousel, delicious restaurants and unmissable shops, is one of those places where you’ll find a little of everything. Whether you want to enjoy a day out with the family, get to know its main attractions or simply eat at one of the establishments in the region, it is well worth going there and checking out all the good things this region has to offer.

Alcatraz Island in California:

To complete your list of California sights, be sure to include Alcatraz Island in San Francisco. Departing several ferries bound for the place, it is totally unmissable for any tourist. The tours, mostly guided by a guide who even provide headphones, tell the story of the prison that once housed some of the biggest inmates in the world. The nice thing is that there you have the possibility of getting to know the cells where the prisoners were kept, cafeterias, visitor’s rooms and much more. It’s really worth the adventure and experience to learn more about the city’s history.For Visitor Visa Click Here

San Diego Zoo in California:

The next tip of California’s main tourist attractions is the largest zoo in the United States, the San Diego Zoo. Opened in 1916, it is considered one of the oldest in the country and one of the most visited in the world. Located inside Balboa Park, this zoo has nearly 4,000 animals from 650 species from all over the planet. The cool thing is that this zoo receives millions of visitors every year looking to know and appreciate the animals and their environments that were built with the objective of being as faithful as possible to their natural habitats. The San Diego Zoo is an attraction for the whole family, with very nice spaces to visit, as is the case of the panoramic tour in the so-called Skyfari, a cable car that travels through a large part of the zoo, right at the top, providing visitors its visitors a spectacular view of the zoo and Balboa Park.

Venice Beach California:

Another must-see is one of the most famous beaches on the American west coast, Venice Beach. Considered the busiest beach in Los Angeles, Venice Beach is a super cool place to visit, no matter what day of the week you go. This beach has a boardwalk that is crowded with people walking, playing sports or cycling and rollerblading. By the way, our tip is to look for one of the little shops that are on the beach extension, which offer bike, roller, board, skateboard and body board rental. We can say that this is the most multicultural area in LA, as you see people from all tribes living together by the sea.

San Francisco Market:

A nice tip for this list of top California tourist spots, which many tourists don’t know, is the San Francisco Ferry Building. Considered a former railway terminal, it currently houses a market called Marketplace, full of restaurants, cafes and several shops and small markets with the most diverse products, such as cheeses, oils, jams, spices, jams, fruits and much more. This is an interesting tour to learn a little about the daily life of the city’s residents, in addition to the fact that these restaurants are very cheap, making you save a lot on your meal.