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Tower Fans: What You Should Know


Despite offering great utility, not many people are familiar with a Tower fan. It is a tall and compact fan that can efficiently cool down your room whenever the temperature soars up. Moreover, these fantastic appliances do not take much floor space.

Although you could buffer the temperature through other appliances, tower fans from reputable companies like Elite are your only saviour when the weather gets unbearably hot.

Moreover, tower fans are designed to function phenomenally without cluttering your space.

Where should you buy tower fans?

Although many places virtually and physically sell tower fans, you cannot trust every company.

Unlike other online stores that make unrealistic promises of price and durability, we at Elite Appliances never mislead our customers. Our Elite Tower Fans are remarkably efficient, light in weight, and equipped with low noise level technology.

Being the best Tower Fan manufacturers in Pakistan, we are here to tell you everything you need to know before purchasing these appliances.

Perks of Tower Fan

  1. Compact size

Not many people understand why you should go for tower fans when you have window, pedestal and box fans in the market. The reason is simple, i.e. tower fans are super portable.

Unlike pedestal fans that could be unsightly and heavy to carry, anyone can easily carry tower fans anywhere they please.  Window fans can also prove to be a headache as you are bound to compromise your floor space for it.


However, Tower fans are super portable with their height of 40 inches long, and their width is around 8 to 12 inches. Plus, they also come with handles. Therefore, you cannot just transport them according to your liking, but you can also store them in any closet.

  • Super versatility

Tower Fans are your best domestic fans, as their velocity is higher than regular fans. Furthermore, with their ionising feature, tower fans can help you clean the atmosphere in your room.

  • Energy Savings

It is needless to say that air conditioners eat up excruciatingly high levels of energy. Tower fans, on the other hand, consume almost negligible energy. This implies that you can save an abundance of energy and cut a lot of money from your utility bills.

  • White noise

The majority of the traditional fan users are pretty accustomed to humming sound produced by the appliance. However, some people might find the sound beyond annoying. If you also belong to that category of people, Tower fans are your best bet.

Especially if you buy Elite Tower Fans from a reputable brand like ours, you will never have to be bothered by noise. Our Tower Fans are characterised by a super gentle humming sound that can help you sleep better.

Are Tower Fans environmentally friendly?

Given the increasing global warming and adverse effects of climate change, everyone should play their part in protecting the environment. That said, it is tough to get rid of the appliances you have become so habitual of using.

Therefore, rather than forcing yourself to stop using the appliance, you should switch to their alternatives. Tower fans are fortunately super environmental-friendly appliances that are safer to use and leave a minimal carbon footprint.

We at Elite Appliances offer excellent Tower Fans that are equipped with features like:

  1. Three-speed control that comes with excellent oscillation.
  2. A diverse range of wind options allows you to adjust the wind according to your liking.
  3. Excellent timer control of 12 hours, which also comes with high-tech remote control.
  4. Complete LED display.
  5. Great carry handle.

So, buy from us and do your part in preserving the environment.

Do Tower Fans Require maintenance?

Like most mechanical appliances, Tower fans are prone to gunk accumulation. Therefore, to get the best of tower fans, you should give them proper maintenance.

Regular or at least seasonal Tower Fan maintenance keeps the appliance in excellent working condition.

Significance of daily maintenance

Daily maintenance of Tower fans includes regular wiping of the appliance with a wet and then dry cloth. Doing so will eliminate the dust or debris that might be sticking in the blades.

Daily wiping is particularly vital if the surrounding atmosphere is humid or dusty. That is because such environmental conditions can render the dust particles collected on the mechanical parts of your Tower fans.

Trust us

We at Elite Appliances pride ourselves on having every domestic appliance of the best quality. So, whether you are looking for the best Tower Fans for your room, and Oven toaster for your kitchen or ideal table fan in Pakistan, our site is the perfect place for you.