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Trade Show Display and Exhibit Types

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Trade show displays are being considered as one of the influential sources for representation of a company’s brands, products, and personality. Trade show booths can vary from smaller portable one to larger custom exhibits and custom modular booths but what remains constant is the message that a company wants to communicate in order to achieve its marketing goals. Whether you are looking for generating leads, or wanted to promote products, or want to boost your branding, one factor that is common is all is the presentation. Presentation is an element that cannot be lagged behind.

Now the question arises what type of Trade Show Booth Rental Los Angeles to be used so that it not only helps in fulfilling the objectives but that helps in attracting more and more attendees towards your stand.

Let’s have a look at some of the most common types of booth types and how they are beneficial.


The first and the foremost type of booth is an inline booth, which is also the most common booths in a tradeshow. These are the booths that are generally set up in a row and are placed back to back and side to side. If you have an inline booth that has only one side open or if you are planning for an inline booth then in that case you can entirely focus your attention on one side and can grab the attention of attendees and make sure to make your Trade show booth design companies San Jose interactive and creative.


These are the booths that are two sides open and are situated generally at the end of the aisle. The plus point of this booth is that you can expect traffic from the two sides of the booth, a perfect fit for generating more leads and a match for enhancing your brand image.


The Peninsula booth is mainly open from three sides and is generally located at the end of the aisle. This type of booth is a perfect fit for a hanging structure and this also offers foot traffic from three of its sides and is more flexible in terms of layout, design, and display height.


The most attention seeker booth from among them all as it is open from all the sides, that involves a greater involvement and more elaborated design and being chosen as the utmost flexibility booth in terms of design, layout, and height and also gives a plus point of eye-catching signage that can be seen from afar.

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