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Trademarks Provide Exclusive Security to Your Business


A trademark is a legal word, phrase, logo, slogan, or tagline that helps people distinguish your brand from other brands. Trademarking a band’s or musician’s name can be highly valuable when you are in the music industry. If you want to protect your band name, you can get it trademark registered. It will also help you to trademark your original songs and music composition. Once your business is trademarked, and someone tries to use the similar logo or symbol to confuse consumers, you have all the authorities to defend yourself and ban their action.

Why Should You Trademark a Business?

The law does not require your business to be trademarked, but it is always a good idea to register your brand that adds into its authenticity. For an instance, if a brand attempts to use a similar or same name as yours, you will have the legal rights to stop it. A trademarked name makes all of your products and services as yours and also protects you from counterfeit brands.

Banks do not allow you to open a business account unless it has been trademarked. However, some may provide a DBA, which is ‘Doing Business As’. DBA creates a fictitious registration of the brand’s name but does not provide legal protection like a trademark. 

Trademarking your brand gives you legal ownership, throughout state and nationwide. You can retain exclusive rights to your brand and restrict others to use your identification i.e. symbol, name, or slogan in that specific region.

Trademarks are a way to protect the consumers. When a business or brand takes the responsibility for any products or services that they provide under their trademark, they take more pride in the products. To maintain their credibility, trademarked businesses will strive harder and harder to provide quality services to their clients. However, if you are a startup you should get a custom logo design to register your brand at a trademark office.

Top Benefits of Trademark Registration

Trademarking your brand can give you some incredible advantages.

  • Bolster Business Reputation

For the potential development and growth of your business, it is very important to promote your business at the early stages. A brand’s authentication is always recognized and guaranteed through its trademark registration. This is identification for a reliable and legal business and also adds into your brand’s credibility.

The most powerful proof of a legal ownership is the trademark registration certificate. Registering your business also increases the lifespan of your business which enhances your consumer’s confidence in your brand. 

  • Brand Protection

Your business is the result of your sweat, blood, and hard work that you have shed while building it. This is a feeling, the culture, and the secret sauce. Your brand is what your clients remember and tell others about you. In other words, it is how people recognize you.

Registration of a trademark informs the world that your brand owns all the trademark rights. And once you own the trademark protection you have the authority to sue anyone who breaches your rights.

  • Exclusive Rights to the Mark

Trademarking your brand gives you exclusivity. It means that you will be the only one in the whole state to sell the products and services with that specific name (and even similar name or mark). The registration of the trademark will prove the legal ownership of the trademark and prevent counterfeit parties from using the trademark that confuses the consumers with similar logos and services.

If you did not get your trademark registered, it will be very difficult and costly for you to impose law trademark rights or to second a copyright transgression case. It is always substantial to gather all the proofs that are required in the filing of these cases and complex when it comes to take action against such copyright infringements.


So, why should you get a trademark? The following points make a strong case for you to get your company trademarked. 

  • Offer brand security
  • Give you exclusive rights to the mark
  • Bolster business reputation
  • Preventing trademark squatters
  • Protects your brand on Social Media

Trademarking your brand can help you and your business to stand firm in the society and corporate world.