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Transportation and Activities in St Maarten


In St Maarten, there are activities to engage in as St Maarten is a wonderful place. These activities include:

1. Adventurous Guided Tours

This is a private island sightseeing tour with a maximum number of 10 participants in a group. You will be paid attention to and guided by your private guide. You also get to choose wherever you want to go as you have a private vehicle for your group which makes you in total control of your day. This tour is not suitable for pregnant women and safety measures against Covid-19 are put in place as wearing a mask is required.

2. Water activity

The Tour Dive adventure is one of the real treats St Maarten has to offer. The warm Waters of St Maarten are enjoyable for Scuba diving. And the Marine life in St Maarten is pleasurable as there are good sightings of marine animals like turtles, frogfish and so on to behold. This adventure has several 12 participants per boat accompanied by 2 to 3 dive staff.

The dive staff is in charge of the dive sites as they make sure the weather for that day and the sea is in good condition. This activity is not suitable for pregnant women and people with heart problems.

3. Nightlife activities

There are clubs, beach bars on the Dutch island that open from midnight till dawn. Dazzling lights and disco for guests to enjoy. The casino is also provided as people play to try their luck till morning.

Beaches are one of the popular attractions on the Island. Tourists come to St Maarten’s beach as all St Maarten beaches are enjoyable for sunbathing and swimming. On St Maarten beaches, there is no toleration of indecent clothing or nudity as one will be fined if caught.

There are few famous beaches in St Maarten.

  1. Maho Bay Beach:- It is located at the terminal of the airport’s runway. This makes the view so amazing as one can closely see the aircraft landing.
  1. Mullet Bay Beach:- It is located beyond Maho Bay Beach. It has few facilities where one can buy food and drinks. Excursions and tours are also available.
  1. Cupecoy Beach:- It is located at the edge of the Dutch side of the island. It is a small and private beach known for where you can view the sunset from the comfort of your chair.
  1. Orient Bay Beach:- It is recognized as the largest beach in St Maarten. It is best for water sport activities.
  1. Kim Sha Beach:- It is located a little distance from Simpson Bay resort. It has lovely sun rays which make the beach the best place for beach parties both during the day and night.

In Sint Maarten, there is a wide collection of car rentals companies, and these rental cars are found at a set-aside area outside of the Princess Juliana International Airport. Other vehicles such as scooters and motorcycles are also available for rent. But most rental operators in St Marteen insist on using the car only as one needs to be much of an expert on these vehicles before driving around St Maarten.


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