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Travel in a luxury car with your friends


The main problem with luxury cars is that they contain a small number of seats. If you have more friends and you are still looking for a luxury car then you have an option of Range Rover and you can see the latest Range rover price in UAE.

How Many Friends Do You Have In Travelling?

Usually, a range rover car has the ability to fit 4 to 5 passengers easily. Let’s figure out the 5 seater range rover cars.

Land Rover Range Rover Sport 2017

Land Rover Range Rover Sport 2017 is a car made for you if you have 5 friends. This car has the capacity of 5 passengers including 2 medium-sized bags. You can choose your favorite color in black, brown, white, and gray.

The interior of the car is best, the seats of this car are made of fabrics. This car contains A.C which is very important especially if you driving in Dubai city where the temperature is usually very high. In addition, it contains a high-level audio system and reverse camera and also GPS because of which you can search your favorite place.

Land Rover Range Rover Sport SVR 2020

This Range rover has the ability to travel 5 passengers with 3 extra medium size bags. This 2020 model car is available in 2 beautiful colors blue and gold.

This car contains 4 doors. The seat of the car is fabric which is a comfortable seat ever. Like other luxury cars Land Rover Range Rover Sport, SVR 2020 also contains AC, audio system, reverse camera, and most importantly GPS.

You can search for Range Rover in every city of the United Arab Emirate and can easily check Range rover price in UAE. While driving this car your age must be at least 23 years.

Land Rover Range Rover Sport 2017

Land Rover Range Rover Sport 2017 is available in multi colors which contain black, brown, white, and gray. This car is made for 5 passengers and 2 medium-sized bags.

Land Rover Defender 2020

The white color of this car is stunning. The exterior look of Land Rover Defender 2020 is attractive with an amazing design of front lights. All other features are also present in this car like AC, premium audio, reverse camera, and GPS.

Land Rover Range Rover Sport Dynamic 2019

The beauty of this car goes to peak when you see this in your favorite color. The available colors are black, white, silver, and gray. This car is waiting for you when you have 5 people and want to explore all the beautiful places in the United Arab Emirates.

In this 4 doors SUV car you will see all the features like comfortable seats, AC, premium Audio, reverse camera, and GPS.

Choose one of the above cars when you have more friends to enjoy more. Must visits all the attractive destinations in UAE. Check Range rover price in UAE you will find suitable prices.

Must obey traffic laws

Whether you rent any car of your choice do not forget the traffic rule. You must obey the traffic laws to reach your destination safely. Always wear a seat belt and avoid using your cell phone while driving. In case if you do not respect these rules and break them, you will be fined.