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Travel Tips: The Best Time to Visit New York and Boston

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Two of the most famous cities on the planet are located in the United States. We’re talking about New York and Boston, definitely two places that need and deserve your visit, even if it’s just passing through.

Each one of them is recognized for being iconic and presenting outstanding and historical characteristics, of worldwide importance. It is for this and other reasons that we, at Eu na Gringa, bring the two together in this content, to introduce them to you.

For its magnificent ability to promote distinct sensations about spending the days in a big city, while being able to experience the taste of living the coziness of a small place, New York — the Big Apple — needs no comment.

Home to baseball and some of the most famous university centers such as the University of Massachusetts, Harvard Business School and Harvard Medical School, it is a classic at the same time contemporary. Boston – Bean town or the Cradle of Liberty, among other nicknames – is full of must-see attractions of global importance.

How about getting to know a little more about New York and Boston and, in addition to discovering the best times to visit them, be sure of their essential routes and visits.

Travel to New York: What You Need to Know About the Big Apple

Sightseeing in New York City is an event that needs planning. That’s because the Big Apple has a lot to offer. There is no way to tell what time of year it is to meet her. Always crowded and vibrant, each season offers tourists different benefits.

The most populous city in the United States is a cultural and artistic landmark, always ahead of its time when it comes to the fashion, culinary and beauty industries. And don’t even think about cars or taxis to get around.

Walking through its extensive streets and avenues is to get in touch with some of its most important tourist attractions: Fifth Avenue, Broadway, Times Square, the Metropolitan Museum of Art (MoMA), in addition to the trendy boutiques, bars and restaurants with their acclaimed chefs.

New York is a city that reinvents itself day after day, always in constant evolution. Get ready to visit it several times throughout your life, at different times, as each new tour will be a new and unforgettable adventure through the “stone jungle”, the NYC that never sleeps, worthy of a record for posterity.

Boston: what tourist spots in Bean town are worth your time

A pioneer, modern and revolutionary city. Boston was the stage for the debut of what today, in urban life, is considered usual and even banal. It was in Bean town that the world’s first public school was born and the father of public parks was inaugurated. And, look, it’s also the birthplace of the subway system. For Visa Consultation Click here

With a revolutionary and cosmopolitan personality, it takes several days to take care of this wonder. Its mansions and boutiques, which go beyond chic, give it an imposing elegance.

In the US News & World Report rankings, Boston is ranked the second best place to travel on weekends in New England, the second best historic city to visit in the United States, and the TOP 3 best city in the US to visit in August.

With this information alone, it is already possible to understand the real reasons for deciding to tour there.

As it should be, the indication for the best time of year to visit Beantown is the summer. Outdoor shows, baseball games, and sidewalks lined with cafes and pubs are worth every penny of the higher rates charged by its innovative hotels.

Getting to Know Boston’s Top Sights:

Well, walking there in the summer can be quite productive if you have a detailed itinerary prepared. In addition to being the capital of Massachusetts, this is the largest territory in the state and one of the oldest North American cities.

In other words, there is a lot of history to be discovered there. Some of the places you can’t lose sight of are:

1 – Boston Comon: the park founded in 1634;

2 – Quincy Market: with more than 40 stores, the market built in 1826 is recognized for its excellent cuisine and bustle;

3 – Museum of Science: one of the largest science centers in the world;

4 – New England Aquarium: four floors of aquarium, which house several species of marine creatures;

5 – Beacon Hill: one of the noblest and oldest neighborhoods, which preserves valuable architectural projects from the past;

6 – Prudential Tower: observation point, with a panoramic view of all of Boston;

7 – New burry Street: the most famous and luxurious avenue in the city.

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