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Travelling to UK from Pakistan In 2022

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Foreign Office spokesman Dr Mohammad Faisal on Thursday said Pakistan High Commission has submitted request for issuing visa to a British doctor, who volunteered his services in the Lahore General Hospital.
According to a foreign office statement, the Pakistani High Commission in London has taken up the matter of British national Dr Zulfiqar who volunteered his services in the Lahore General Hospital with British High Commission, which issued visa to him on Thursday.
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The release further added that Pakistanis are requested to keep in contact with their nearest high commission for receiving visa for travelling to United Kingdom.
The British High Commission has issued visa to Dr Zulfiqar.
Earlier, Dr Zulfiqar, who arrived in Lahore to donate his services to the victims of last night’s blast at General Hospital, was stopped at the passport control area of Islamabad airport as his visa could not be issued as he did not have enough time to fill out the necessary form.
for visa application, the doctor had visited the British High Commission and submitted all required documents.
Dr Zulfiqar went on a medical mission to Pakistan in 2003.
In November 2016, a British woman was stranded in a hospital after she failed to get a visa for a visit to her ailing mother in Lahore, Also read:- United Airlines Booking Phone Number
Meriam Yehya Ibrahim, a Sudanese national living in Melbourne, received a call from her relatives in Saudi Arabia informing her that her mother had died.
She decided to go to Saudi to break the news to her mother, but when she arrived in the Kingdom, she was told that she was barred from entering Saudi Arabia and would have to return to Melbourne.
The Immigration Department said she had been refused a medical visa on the grounds that her visit was not urgent.
Ibrahim was told to return to Australia, and her mother’s funeral in Sudan would be paid for.
After pressure from Sudanese officials and families of her family in Australia, the woman was allowed to enter Saudi Arabia.
The United Kingdom has also refused entry to a Pakistani family visiting a terminally ill relative in the UK.

Trump’s immigration ban

On Sunday, Washington state solicitor general Noah Purcell argued that Trump’s travel ban is unconstitutional because it targets Muslims.
After a contentious hearing, US District Judge James Robart, who was appointed by President George W Bush, ruled against the state’s motion to dismiss the lawsuit against the ban.
‘The Constitution prevailed today,’ the attorney general said after the decision was announced.

‘No one is above the law, not even the President.’

‘This ruling is a victory for Washington and Minnesota, but it is also a victory for America,’ said an emotional Attorney General Bob Ferguson. Visit Techairo