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5 Tricks to Make Your Artificial Plants Look Real


When it comes to artificial plants, people have their own inhibitions. A lot of them think they are the worst but hear us out, they are a lot more beneficial than your real plants. Be it the ease of maintenance or the long-lasting factors, artificial plants are always one step ahead of your thriving plants.

WoodenStreet understands the value of artificial potted plants and that is why, we offer such a huge variety of these to you. If you are still on the fence on whether to buy or not to buy, here are few tricks that will help you to show off your artificial plants like real ones:

Start with the Planter

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Big plastic plants generally come in small planters as they have no root systems. The best way to give them a ‘real’ plant-like look is by moving them to bigger planters or baskets. You can even add few pebbles and a little bit of dirt to make them look even more authentic. You can find some really amazing planters online. Pick something that would be an amazing home to your plastic plants and will also look good.

Shape it The Right Way

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What majorly gives away the fakeness of artificial plants is the fact that they are way too perfect. In order to give them a real look, you need to shape the stems and make the leaves droop a little for giving them an uneven growth pattern. This way, your artificial plants for home décor will look not just real but also very pretty. You can look for easy trimming and pruning techniques online.

Bring in Some Variety

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One of the easiest tricks of making your artificial potted plants look real is by adding some variety to your collection. Bring home a range of different plants such as artificial bamboo plants, pothos, phoenix plants, croton plants, and few types of bonsai. The diverse collection will make your visitors believe you have a thriving garden right in your house. To make things more interesting, you can also add in a few real plants amidst the fake ones.

Keep them Clean

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Be it real blossoms or artificial plant décor, they always attract dust. Unlike real plants which are watered regularly and the dirt goes away, fake plants tend to sit for days with a layer of dust on them. Make sure you clean them well using a damp cloth or a duster. This would ensure they look good all through the year and their quality will also stay supreme for a longer period of time.

Try Hanging Planters

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If you hang the artificial plants high enough, they are bound to look more realistic. Their glossy, plastic finish would be less visible from a distance. Moreover, you will also be saving up on your floor space as they will hang from your railings or walls. You can also find a huge variety of artificial hanging plants that you can choose from.

With the right tips and tricks, you can easily make your artificial plants look as fresh as real ones. WoodenStreet has a very diverse range of artificial indoor plants that are worth your money. From bonsai to bamboo, bougainvillea to hibiscus, we have a vast variety of your favourite plants online.