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Trollishly’s Ultimate Hidden Instagram Features That You Need To Know


There is no surprise that most people are addicted to Instagram because of its innovative features. It is the most used application all around the world. To improve the user experience and promote your brand, Instagram has more plans for you. Well, you can start using its most compelling and engaging features today. Thereby, you can make your content fun and bring a refreshing look. The way you can develop your brand on social media is by utilizing the possible features. So incorporating the features can impact the user experience and improve your sales. Here are suggestions that help you to discover hidden features on Instagram.

  1. Instagram Stories

When it comes to Instagram stories, we have to talk a lot about them. It has been thriving in recent years, whereas more than 300 million people use Instagram Stories daily. In this feature, you can upload photos and video content which is only available for 24 hours. After 24 hours, it certainly vanishes from the stories. You have to know that one in every five stories of business profiles is directly receiving the message. If it is a lead, there are more chances that users convert into customers. Instagram offers a lot of benefits to the business if you have used it with the right strategy and consistently. If you start to utilize it, you have to know the few Instagram Stories limitations and requirements.

  • Video records up to 15 seconds
  • Image uploading takes 10 seconds
  • Include unlimited stories to your account
  • Dimensions of Instagram stories: 1080px by 1920 px

Moreover, there is an option to track the total views and who is seeing your content. Realizing the importance, top brands are harnessing the power of Instagram Stories to build brand awareness and engage users. However, to boost the engagement rate, the best brands often look for paid service providers to buy Instagram impressions. It is one of the effective campaigns to build brand trust and to connect with your customers strongly.

  1. Manage Multiple Instagram Accounts

Instagram has introduced a feature that enables users to switch over multiple accounts within the app. Managing multiple accounts at the same time helps digital marketers to improve productivity. With this feature, you can easily manage the account and take your business to a greater height. At the same time, you can add up to 5 Instagram accounts and successfully increase your sales.

  1. Hyperlink Hashtag In Account Bio

Remember to add hashtags in your business account bio. Including hashtags in your posts will make your content more visible to the users and make them want to view your product. If you focus on your growth, then hyperlink your hashtag in your account bio. Trollishly has illustrated the necessity of hashtags to compete with competitors. Also, it is recommended to use the hashtag challenges to make your business perform well on Instagram.

  1. Verify Your Instagram Profile

Do you want to apply for a verified badge? If so, now you can easily get verified. Instagram verified badges build trust among your customers and make your profile more reliable. More likely, your users will follow your account, and it impacts hugely on your business by building credibility. If you are qualified for the blue badge, you are a popular public figure, global brand, or entity. You can request it more easily by just going to the ‘settings and then clicking on the ‘Request Verification. After this step, you have to include all the mandatory docs and should wait for the response from the Instagram team. The team will determine your account based on ‘uniqueness, authenticity, notability, and completeness. Therefore, you can represent your account as a registered business.

  1. Emoji Slider Polls

Emojis are new features that interact with your customers in a more engaging way and make them stay engaged with your service. As it was introduced this May, it has become a favorite thing for many people. It allows asking questions and knowing your audience’s experience about your products. So ensure to include it in your story and make your story much enjoyable. Moreover, Trollishly has discussed the Instagram features to market your brand in the digital world.

Features Matters The Most For Businesses

As Instagram is a more versatile tool for businesses, its features will help you to do much more to improve the user experience. Moreover, frequently incorporating the new Instagram feature will simplify your marketing efforts and bring unbelievable results for businesses. With the new features, tune your brand and spark your customers.