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Try Out These Best Chinese Restaurants in Dubai

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Dubai being the hub of Middle Eastern culture, one of its most important part is its cuisine. China being one of the most popular countries has spread its love for its cuisine in different parts of the world. Dubai being multi-cuisine is home to some of the best Chinese restaurants. Thus, this post will take you through some of the best places to enjoy Chinese cuisine in Dubai.

Blue Jade:

If you are looking to experience an authentic Chinese dining experience, Blue Jade is the place to visit. With their rich ingredient, one can feel the aroma of China in every bite you relish. From the moment you enter to the time you leave, one can experience real Asian hospitality. To top it all, one can feel the balance of sweet and savoury taste by their master chef in every dish be it Szechuan aubergine, rice pudding, shitake mushrooms, or others.

Long Yin:

If you are craving good Chinese food, hit Long Yin restaurant at Le Meridien Dubai Hotel. Everything in this place has a Chinese vibe, from their jade green chairs to dim lights, from soothing Chinese music to their sculpted chopstick holder. Their vast menu includes 34 fried and steamed Dim-sum varieties, noodles, dumplings, rice, beef, chicken, pork, prawns, pork, appetizers, and desserts giving you a chance to indulge in some hogging sessions.

Shang Palace:

Shang Palace, a signature restaurant of the Shangri La hotel group is an attractive place to enjoy Cantonese cuisine. Inspired by the eastern décor, the place oozes out Chinese attraction in its ambience. Their huge food menu is no less appealing with various types of appetizers, soups, main course, and desserts to end the meal on a sweet note. To name a few must-try dishes, it is Yum Cha, Peking Duck, and sauté tenderloin.

The China Club:

If a quiet place with flavoursome food is your attraction, this is one of the best places to dine in. Their warm decor with light music goes in sync with their top quality food and courteous service. One can choose a variety of items from their Szechwan and Cantonese cuisine. Their major attraction is their fried dumplings and dim sum menu presentation. They offer it in a trolley which contains its variety as fried, steam, stuffed with chicken, beef, mutton, or vegetables. Not to miss their deserts are delectable too, not just in taste but in variety as well. Overall, it is a guarantee that you will overeat and leave the place with that satisfied look.


Prax’s is famous for its unique contemporary style whether it is ambience or its food. Right from their entrance with its eye-catchy neon-coloured board to their style of preparing food, everything is top-grade. It offers its customers the liberty to choose their ingredients for their dish and see it getting prepared in the live kitchen with a glass wall.

These are some proven restaurants offering one of the best Chinese food in Dubai. Choose any of them and get into food indulgence to forget what part of Asia you are in.