From ancient times till now nothing has changed. At that time also people believed in the energy of gemstones and now also people believe. These gemstones are not recognized as the piece of jewelry only these have special significance. Some people don’t believe in all these things and according to them, their struggle is the only key to success. 


These stones protect the wearer from harm and evil eyes. Each gemstone is related to one planet or the other and the powers of the planet reside within these stones. When you wear them it touches your body and fills you with lots of positivity and good health. You can buy ONLINE GEMSTONE INDIA. Let’s discuss different types of gemstones and their uses.

  • Pearl:- A pearl is a beautiful whitish color gemstone that is linked with the planet moon. When you are born your horoscope is seen to check whether everything is ok or not. Anger is the main issue in today’s children so the parents prefer them to wear pearls to control their anger. It helps in improvement in mental health and decision-making process and uplifts self-confidence. 

  • Emerald:- This gemstone has a vital place in all the gemstones and it is considered to have an aesthetic value even in western culture. It is naturally green in color and linked with the planet mercury. Though the planet is small in size, it has great significance in our lives. It is crucial to have love in a marital relationship and emerald helps to maintain that love. It brings success and financial growth to one’s life.

  • Yellow Sapphire:- Yellow sapphire can also be called pukhraj. It is linked with the planet Jupiter, which is a powerful planet according to ancient history. This is the safest gemstone as it brings divine and grace to one’s life. The person who is wearing it gets blessings from all over and attains spiritual knowledge. It has healing properties that benefit the person who is wearing it.

  • Diamond:- It is one of the crucial gemstones according to astrology. It is linked with the planet Venus that shows the wishes of humans. The person who belongs to the creative and business field has more benefit from diamonds. These are suitable for every zodiac sign. It keeps the negativity away from the wearer and reduces the fear of supernatural powers. 

  • Ruby:- It is a magnificent gemstone and popularly known as Manik. It is linked with the Sun, the most powerful planet in the whole solar system. It has the properties of the sun and makes the person the center of attraction who is wearing it. It is worn to improve the love, career, and status of the people. 

  • Blue Sapphire:- It is one of the gemstones that act fast and is popularly known as Neelam. It is linked with the planet Saturn. This gemstone provides a path to the person who is going through tough times. It adds discipline and focus to one’s life and removes negative energy. 


These are the crucial gemstones and their uses. These have special significance in our lives and improve our lives. The movement on the planet affects the life of the individual, group, or nation. You can BUY GEMSTONE from any jewelry shop.