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Types Of Oncologists and Their Meaning


The branch of medicine that deals with various types of cancers is known as oncology. They specialize in researching, diagnostics as well as treatment of this cause. There are multiple branches of this type of disease, and for each one of them, there is a different doctor and treatment, so before you consult the best cancer doctor in Mumbai, make sure you know which type you are looking for.

  1. Medical oncologist

Medical oncologists are best at treating the disease with the help of various therapies. They use chemotherapy, hormonal and biological therapies that help eliminate the bad cells in the affected area. The treatment goes on for a while, and the patient might have to visit for multiple sessions but, a consultation session is always a must. A medical oncologist is also responsible for controlling the symptoms and minimizing them after the session of therapy. They make sure that the patients’ health is stable and help them get back to life.

  1. Surgical oncologist

Many people think that a medical oncologist is the only one involved with the treatment of cancer, but it’s not the truth. A surgical oncologist is dedicated to removing small tissues and conducting biopsies in the body of the patient. It is a possibility that a surgical oncologist is the first one you meet after you are diagnosed with the disease. They will help you determine the spread of cancer in your body.

  1. Radiation oncologists

Radiation oncologists perform another type of treatment by getting to the root cause and removing the dead cells from the body. This is done with the help of high-energy photon beams that target and remove the dead cells from the affected area.

The intensity of the beam depends on the spread of the disease. In some cases, a high beam is a must, whereas others require low-intensity beams to treat the condition. This treatment is not recommended for all the patients suffering from the disease, but a rough estimate of 1 to 4 patients requires beams to remove the dead cells in the patient’s body.

  1. Pediatric oncologist

We are sure you can guess this type by just reading the name. Pediatric oncologists specialize in treating children who are diagnosed with cancer. If you are thinking, why is there a specialized field for treating children? Well, studies have shown that there are 175,000 children below the age of 15 years that have been found fighting this deadly disease. But the good news is, a lot of them survive because the cancer has spread to a lesser extent. All pediatric oncologists are not of the same type; some work on a specific type of cancer. Some of them are doctors but are focused on researching and finding the deeper cause of the problem.

  1. Hematologist Oncologist

Leukemia and lymphoma are the types of cancers related to blood. A hematologist treats these types of cancers. Hema, in the word, stands for hemoglobin and resembles the treatment of blood-related problems in a patient’s body. This means that a hematologist does not only help and treat cancer but helps to manage other issues like sickle cell anemia and hemophilia.

  1. Gynecological Oncologist

Gynecologists deal with problems related to women, and a gynecological oncologist tackles cancer developing in a woman’s body like ovarian cancer, cervical, vaginal, vulvar, and uterine cancer. Women are at their best when discussing problems with those who know how to deal with problems like these. This is the reason why a gynecological oncologist not just treats cancer-related issues but also the ones that are not associated with cancer.

How can one find the best oncologist?

After getting a gist of the types of doctors present in this type of medical course, we are sure you will consult the best cancer doctor in Mumbai! It’s always better to ask your family doctor, who has been treating you regularly. Doctors have various contact with different types of specialists and can easily refer you to the best in the industry. Visiting a doctor will also help you determine if the symptoms are cancerous or not! While you are on the hunt to find the best doctor, make sure you start preparing for your medical insurance claim. It’s best to get it done before it’s too late.

Another way to get to the best cancer specialist is to visit the hospital you have been trusting for years and sitting for a consultation with an oncologist.

If you feel that something is wrong and you show symptoms, it is an important point that you discuss this with someone in the family despite the fact that they will be unhappy. While you are at the very beginning of this stage, it is best to get your symptoms checked and start the treatment as soon as possible. Cancer is a curable disease, and if it is not too late, you will see the future no matter what.


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