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Typical Australian Food – What to Eat and Drink in Australia


Typical Australian Food – What to Eat and Drink in Australia:

Australia is a big dish for those looking for good gastronomic experiences. Discover here what to eat and drink in Australia, from the most homemade dishes to typical sweets.

Every typical gastronomy of a destination plays an important role in the culture of its people, and they tell us which are the most abundant fruits of that land, the climate of that region and even their beliefs.

In order not to miss the trip and taste all that Australia has to offer in terms of gastronomy, we made that little list of typical foods.

The country has a world cuisine, as over time it has incorporated dishes, uses and customs of populations from the most diverse places. To accompany dishes from the five corners of the world, Australia has great wines.

Vegemite – a paste that is eaten with bread or toast. Made from fat-free yeast extract and a source of vitamin B and folic acid.
Damper – the typical Australian bush bread. The dough is traditionally roasted over the smoldering embers of an outdoor fire. The iconic bread is popular among Indigenous Australians and used to help workers, campers and settlers survive in the wild.
Macadamia – one of Australia’s biggest exports. Used in salads, sweets and ice cream.
Oysters – surrounded by oceans, they have learned very well to enjoy seafood, particularly oysters.
Meat Pie – meat pie that resembles a large pie. Super traditional. It is estimated that 24 million Australians eat up to 300 million meat pies a year. Sydney location: Harry’s Cafe by Wheels, also try pea paste on top.

Hurricane’s Grill & Bar Steakhouse – the closest to an Outback (which is not Australian, but American), has pork and beef ribs locally, the habit is to eat with your hands.
Australian Barbecue – they put anything on the grill – from hamburgers, clams and Australian sausage. Put vegetables or salad, slices of bread and ketchup or BBQ sauce on top.
Chicken Parmigiana – Or “parma chicken”. Chicken cutlet topped with ham, napoli sauce and “a slab of melted cheese?”. It is usually served with chips or salad and is best enjoyed in a “pub”.
Crab Sticks – They do not always contain crab but all other types of fish. A delicious snack.
Barramundi – Or giant perch, is the most popular fish in Australia, which is found in both salt and fresh water. Soft and delicate meat, it can be fried, cooked, grilled or barbecued.
Kangaroo Meat – You can eat kangaroo steak, hamburger, sausage or enjoy the experience by eating it in a stew or on a pizza. Want to Join a cookery Course Click here

Crocodile meat – Appreciated for a long time in Australia, at first by the aborigines and gradually the entire population became fascinated by its flavor.
Burgers – They add beets and this makes them healthier, despite this, they are considered one of the best in the world.
Rolls – Snack for all hours. “Chiko Rolls” are the Australian version of Chinese rolls, but filled with meat, barley, cabbage and rice. There are also Cheese and Bacon and Sausage ones.
Lamingtons – spongy cube-shaped cakes with a layer of shaved chocolate and coconut icing, the “Australian National Cake”. June 21st is National Lamington Day.
Fish and Chips – Fried fish with french fries.
Shiraz Grape – a grape introduced in Australia in the 19th century, found the ideal climate and terrain for high quality production. Today, Australian wine production occupies a prominent position on the world scene.

Anzac Biscuits – Today, they are eaten peacefully during tea time and to celebrate ANZAC day on April 25th. But they were originally made by Australian and New Zealand Army Corps wives  during World War I. They were sent to the front lines or sold to raise money for war efforts.
Pavloka – Anna Pavlova, a Russian ballerina from 1920, was the inspiration for this delicious dessert: a meringue cake, covered with fruit and whipped cream.
Durian – With a super thick skin and covered with thorns, this fruit has a rotten smell that contaminates the entire environment, however, if you are not intimidated by these obstacles, you will discover a pulp with a charming sweet flavor.
Tim Tam – the biscuit stuffed with tea or milk; you bite the sides of the biscuit and use it with a straw to drink it. Australians eat 45 million packs of Tim Tam a year – “Tim Tam’s” factory is in Sydney, where 3,000 cookies are produced every minute.

General Tips:

– All restaurants serve free water in Australia;
– It is not customary to leave tips, nor the famous 10% usually charged in UK.
– In many restaurants, especially informal ones, it is customary to order and pay at the checkout. When making the payment, you receive an indicative sign so that your order is delivered wherever you choose to sit.