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UK travel tips: You should Know

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Every day thousands of tourists are enchanted by the frenetic movement of cosmopolitan London, get lost in the cobbled streets and alleys of Edinburgh, travel through the history of the Beatles in Liverpool and be dazzled by the wild nature of the Scottish Highlands.

These are just a few details that make the UK one of the most fascinating destinations in Europe. Comprising four countries and covering an area of ​​244,820 km², the United Kingdom has a multitude of destinations worth exploring. And if that’s your goal, check out our tips on what you can’t miss in a backpacking trip there.

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Leaving Edinburgh off the UK backpacking itinerary is simply unthinkable. The capital of Scotland is a unique destination, with impressive architecture capable of leaving anyone speechless. And, despite being relatively small, Edinburgh does not disappoint and has several must-see attractions. So set aside at least two full days to explore it.

It is also worth dedicating at least a day to a tour of the Highlands, the mountainous region located in the northwest of Scotland.

In England, Liverpool is obviously another must-see, whether you’re a Beatles fan or not. With a vibrant music scene, the city does not disappoint fans of a good club. During the day, it is worth exploring the city’s good restaurants and museums, as well as the center being an excellent place to do some shopping.

Six hours by bus separates Liverpool from London. The largest city in the United Kingdom, the English capital is a unique destination, which brings together people from all over the world, great museums, is home to the main shows and events on the continent and deserves at least three full days to be appreciated.

There are also several cities close to London that can be visited in a single day and deserve a spot on your itinerary. Cambridge, for example, is one of them. Home to one of the most important universities in the world, the city does not disappoint in terms of entertainment and culture.

Another destination worth adding to your list is Brighton. This vibrant seaside town is home to countless funky restaurants and cafes, bars, museums and art galleries. For fans of literature and particularly Jane Austen, Bath is an unmissable destination. In addition to being one of the most beautiful British cities, it has interesting museums and great restaurants at affordable prices.

The itinerary through the United Kingdom also cannot leave out a visit to Wales. Cardiff, the capital of the country, is located just over two hours by train from London. If you have a little extra time, it’s worth stretching the trip to Snow donia National Park, on the country’s coast. On a clear day you can even see Ireland from the top of the mountains. To know more about us click here


With the pound sterling appreciating even against the euro, the UK is a very expensive destination to visit. When talking about big capitals, like London and Edinburgh, for example, prices can get even higher.

To save money, it is worth booking accommodation in advance to avoid paying exorbitant prices in popular tourist destinations. Also try to stay in central regions, which makes it easy to walk to many tourist attractions. While effective, public transport in the UK is also expensive and can account for a large share of your travel expenses if you don’t have a lot of planning.