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Ultimate Guide To Buying Basic Poker Sets


Poker is a really fun game to play when it comes to having a family night or a corporate party. Imagine you are having a poker night tomorrow at your house and you do not have the basic poker set needed to play the game. Don’t panic. Our article is here to give you all the information necessary to buy the most affordable and qualified poker sets. A good poker set is necessary to have a good game. It

rules out all the possibilities of having a bad game like getting the cards folded or breaking of the chips. Therefore, buying a poker chip set of high quality is indeed needful. Here are some things you should be looking out for while buying poker sets online or at a store.

1.   The Quantity of Chips

The basic requirement for poker are its chips. It depends on the number of players that are going to be playing. If it is a home game, 40-60 chips are more than enough and if the game consists of 7 players or more, 300-400 would be the appropriate quantity.

2.   The Terms related to Buying a Poker Set

Having the knowledge of some terms makes it easier to buy a good quality poker set. Some of the terms include:

“Flashing” is a term used for smoothened poker chips. They are easier to stack and have smooth edges to play around with while thinking of the next move.

“China Clay” are the chips that have a lighter feel to them. They have no metal slug and are authentic.

“Ceramic” are the chips that are made of hard plastic. They are smooth and often have printed graphics on them.

Now that you know some of the basics of poker sets to look out for,

let’s look at some of the standardized poker chip sets. All of these sets include:

  • Two decks of 52 cards each
  • Multi coloured poker chips ranging according to your need
  • A deal button
  • A small blind button
  • A big blind button

Note: You can personalize it according to your needs

1)  Clay Chips Poker Set

Clay chips were used widely during the olden days. They have a feeling of nostalgia to them. Since they are easily broken, people do not usually buy clay chips. Instead, they buy composite clay poker chips that are durable for a longer time.

2)  Ceramic Chips Poker Set

Ceramic chips have a better quality and durability that clay chips. Graphics can be printed on such chips, making them customizable. They are smooth too and are mostly used for chip tricks.

3)  Metal Chips Poker Set

Metal chips are not common nowadays. They are exquisite and rare. They can be found online on sites like Ebay. It requires some effort to find such chips.


Now that you have all the required knowledge about poker sets and its chips, you can buy some of the best quality poker sets online or at your nearest store.


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