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Unbelievable Facts About Sandwiches You Never Knew


Food is a basic necessity for every human; it is a kind of fuel that gives the body all the energy and nutrition required. Humans sometimes don’t just eat food to get nutrition from it, but to feel the pleasure of eating their favourite food. One of the most popular foods across the world is sandwiches. 


There are many reasons behind its popularity, like how easy it is to make and the fact that it can be eaten anywhere without the need for plates or spoons. Another important reason for its popularity is the thousands of types of sandwiches you can make with your choice of ingredients. With a sandwich maker, making this delicacy has become even easier and quicker. Let us check out some quick facts about the all-time favourite sandwiches.


  1. Have you ever thought about why it is called sandwiches and nothing else? Well, here’s the answer for it. The sandwich was named after a person called Lord Sandwich. He was a gambler who didn’t have time to eat between his game. Hence, he would ask his servants to bring him a slice of meat between two pieces of bread.


  1. You generally make your sandwich as you want, without caring about the number of ingredients and the bread you should add. But United States Department has described some basic rules for making a sandwich. A sandwich must contain at least 35 percent cooked meat in it and no more than 50 percent of bread. 


  1. Sandwich brought from famous restaurants taste delicious, and one such world-famous sandwich restaurant franchise is Burger King. The fact about Burger King sandwiches is its 31% calories and 60% fat that comes from mayonnaise alone. It’s not that healthy to eat. Making sandwiches at home using a sandwich toaster is a better option. 


  1. Some people are so crazy about food that they go out of the box for their meal. One such YouTuber decided to make a sandwich from scratch. He bought a chicken, went to the sea to get salt, harvested wheat, and cultivated all the necessary ingredients by himself. It took him about six months and 1500 dollars for it. And at last, he was not satisfied with its taste. Doesn’t that sound weird? 


  1. The Guinness Book of World Records contains all types of strange records. You can also make one by making the world’s largest sandwich. However, it is not so easy. Iran once tried to get into the book by making the world’s largest sandwich but was unsuccessful because people started eating it even before it was measured.


  1. Can you believe that sandwich may be the reason for a robber to get caught?  It was the case in Belgium when a man stole diamonds worth 100 million dollars from a vault protected by multiple security mechanisms, including a lock with millions of possible combinations. This smart man was caught because police could track his DNA from the half-eaten sandwich he left in the vault.


  1. Sandwiches are of many types and can be bought even for 50 rupees. But have you ever thought about the maximum price that one can give for a sandwich? The most expensive sandwich was sold in 2004 for 28000 dollars, which is equal to INR 20 lacs. It is better and more affordable to make one in your sandwich maker at home.


  1. Everyone has different tastes and likings for food. But the peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are loved by every foodie. They taste so good that they were originally considered a delicacy, and only upper-class people relished them. That’s not the case anymore. You can make your peanut butter and jelly sandwiches at home using a sandwich toaster. 


Apart from these fun facts, the sandwich is also the best survival food. It is often used during difficult times because it is very easy to carry and eat.