Understand How to Convert OST to PST Format Easily

Understand How to Convert OST to PST Format Easily

Description: – Convert OST to PST format in simple steps. Know all possible ways to convert OST files to PST format. Understand all possible solutions to convert OST to PST. Best Solution to Convert OST … Read More

Description: – Convert OST to PST format in simple steps. Know all possible ways to convert OST files to PST format. Understand all possible solutions to convert OST to PST.

Best Solution to Convert OST to PST Format

Sometimes corruption of OST files, Exchange server crash down, error while accessing the OST files compel users to move to POP Outlook email configuration. This requires conversion from OST to PST format. How to convert OST to PST is an easy-to-do process.

This blog will introduce an effortless solution to convert OST files to PST format for Outlook 2019, 2016, and below versions in a straightforward manner.

Why Convert OST to PST Format?

  • When Exchange Server crashed down due to serious issues such as system failure. These problematic situations put hurdles while accessing the OST files which adversely impact the business and work.
  • To keep backup of crucial data in PST format for future references. Creating backup in more than one file format provides freedom to move to any email client for example Outlook application.
  • OST files become inaccessible during Exchange Server Maintenance because of technical or logical reasons. Also accidental or intentional deletion caused data loss.
  • Users want to switch to Outlook Application. Office 365 offers complete serviceability for business purposes. Outlook is an integral part of the Office suite so users chose to enjoy data synchronization harmony.
  • Virus / Malware corrupted the OST files and made them inaccessible. Their respective application is unable to approach them. OST to PST converter can fix this issue.

These above-mentioned scenarios are often faced by users. We understand the worth of OST files for users that is why we brought the automated utility which can convert corrupted, inaccessible, damaged even orphaned files without an Outlook account on the system.

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Best Way to Convert OST To PST Without Data Manipulation

Here are the simple steps to convert OST to PST format. Just use the DataHelp OST to PST Converter Software. It will help you to convert orphan, inaccessible OST without an Exchange server.

Why You Should Use DataHelp OST to PST Converter?

  • Do not require Outlook application for conversion.
  • Support all OST files regardless of their origin.
  • Convert all data items including emails, attachments, contacts, etc.
  • Maintain Data integrity and folder hierarchy structure.
  • Capable to convert corrupted, inaccessible, damaged files.
  • Easily convert orphaned OST files too.
  • Compatible with all Outlook and Windows versions.
  • Safe and secure (Offline mode functioning)

Steps to Convert OST to PST Format

Step 1. Launch the DataHelp OST to PST Wizard on your system.

ost to pst software

Step 2. Either drag or drop OST files OR Click on Select Files to browse them.

add OST file to Software

Step 3. Select the OST files in the system. Click on the OK tab.

select OST file

Step 4. Click on the Convert button.

convert OST to PST

Step 5. Provide destination location to save converted PST files. Click on the Ok button.

OST to PST export completed

Job is done.
Within few minutes your OST files will be converted to PST and will be saved into your chosen location.

Precautionary Points to Consider for Manual Method

Outlook has provided an export and import feature to import and export the data files. But this method fails and left the user disappointed in problematic conditions. These are some of the limitations when you opt for a manual solution.

  1. Must have configured Outlook account on your present system.
  2. Files must be in their healthy format (minor damaged files can be damaged even more.)
  3. If files are corrupted, Outlook runs Scanpst.exe to fix corrupted files.
  4. Outlook is programmed to read a fix patterned files. When it encountered any unreadable information, it deletes that particular information block to make the file readable. It is necessary to mention that these data modifications made by Outlook are permanent.
  5. Not suitable to convert orphaned OST files. So eventually you search for an alternative solution to convert OST to PST file format.
  6. As we discussed Outlook changes the data files accordingly to make them readable, so you cannot trust the manual method completely.
  7. Large files are more likely to corrupt, as it put more stress on application and Outlook take a longer time to convert them. It’s not surprising if the files get corrupted due to the inefficiency of the manual method.
  8. It is a tedious process. The time consumption increase according to the size of OST files. So you must have enough time and resources to convert the OST files.

Note- Even if you want to try it, we recommend you make a complete backup of OST data files before executing the manual method on your data files. So even in case of failure, you can still remain with the original files.

Convert OST to PST Manually – Use It on Your Own Risk

Before going further make sure you have configured the Outlook application and the respective OST application for instance Exchange Server.

Step 1. Launch configured MS Outlook application.
Step 2. Click on File.
Step 3. Click on Import and Export.
Step 4. Click on Export to a file and Next button.
Step 5. Choose Outlook Data File (.pst) and Next tab.
Step 6. Select mailbox folder to export.
Step 7. Check box “Include subfolder”.
Step 8. Browse the location to store PST files and click the Finish button.

In this way, you convert OST to PST manually.

Concluding Words

This blog is dedicated to users who are searching for a solution for how to convert OST to PST file format. We mentioned the manual and direct method to convert OST files to PST. Choose whichever method is easy to use for you.

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