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Understand the Signs of Cancer that You Should Not Ignore


Cancer is one of the killer diseases that often goes undetected in its early stage. The main causes for it are prolonged exposure to sunlight, unhealthy foods, and stress-related issues. Cancer represents 75% of all deaths globally and therefore, it is considered to be one of the deadliest diseases in the world. It is best to understand the early signs of cancer that you should not ignore.

If you suspect that you have cancer or are experiencing the signs of cancer, then you need to see a cancer specialist. And for consulting specialists, RGCIRC is for you. RGCIRC is the best hospital in India for cancer treatment. They are not just a medical provider but also guide you with a better lifestyle to prevent cancer. Ensure that your treatment includes all aspects of the disease including surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, and palliative care. This article will help you understand the signs of cancer that you should not ignore. Some are very obvious, while others are lesser-known but more dangerous.

  • Irregular Periods or Pelvic Pain: 

Cervical cancer can start with pre-cancerous changes to the cells of the cervix. The cervix is a small, sensitive area similar to the tip of your nose that extends into the body of women’s reproductive organs.

  • Chronic Coughing: 

Early detection is important to lung cancer treatment. A cough that persists for more than two weeks, especially a dry cough, can be a sign of lung cancer. 

  • Chronic Headache: 

If you have a headache for more than two weeks that doesn’t respond to the usual medications, you might have a brain tumor.

  • Frequent Fevers or Infections: 

Fevers that spike and recede again can also be caused by conditions other than lymphoma or leukemia.

  • Found Changes in your Mouth: 

If you get persistent sores or lesions or painful areas in your mouth, especially if you smoke or drink heavily, you should see a dentist. Early signs of oral cancers can often be found during regular dental exams.

  • Heavy Weight Fluctuations: 

Cancer tumors are dynamic. They lose weight as they grow, and gain weight as they spread. The changes are extremely subtle, and hard to measure.

  • Stomach Pain: 

Sudden, unusual abdominal discomfort that lasts more than two weeks can be a warning sign of liver, pancreas or other digestive system cancers.

  • change in Your Testicle: 

A testicular lump that could be cancerous or benign is one of the most dreaded symptoms in men’s health and can cause a lot of anxiety and panic.

  • Bleeding While Peeing or in Stool: 

If you’ve noticed blood in your pee or stool, it’s important to get checked out. Blood is a symptom of many types of cancer, including colorectal cancer, but it can also be a sign of something less serious like hemorrhoids.

If you have any of the above symptoms, talk to your doctor. While in most cases, cancer causes no noticeable signs or symptoms early on, there are some tumors that are more likely to be felt. So make sure you know the signs and symptoms of lung cancer, and share this information with your family, friends, and coworkers. And for any clarification you can connect with the RGCIRC team anytime. Their telemedicine services make it easier to connect with patients, saving time and reducing the cost of travel for patients and caregivers.. 

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