Home Technology Understanding What VoIP Business PBX Communications System:

Understanding What VoIP Business PBX Communications System:


Nowadays, there are a lot of options for communications to be taken advantage of. These options are supposed to make businesses and personal users alike have a better and a more cost-effective means to stay connected with people. One of these options is the Business VoIP PBX or Voice over Internet Protocol Private Box Exchange. This system is recently being widely used by small and big companies because of the numerous benefits that it can bring.

PBX or Private Brand Exchange allows linking of all internal phones to one external line. Callers can call one phone number and they can be routed to the line of the person they are trying to reach. It basically switches all line connections to and from each other. By having a VoIP, a system that enables people to communicate through the internet, all the switching that is done in a regular Business VoIP PBX system can be done over the internet. Regular PBX systems can be costly and requires a lot of other services to have it installed, not to mention that only big companies can usually afford them. But now that there is VoIP PBX, small businesses can have them installed through software, that is relatively cost efficient, and they can take full advantage of all the benefits it can bring them.

Having a VoIP can dramatically lessen phone line and call charges. Because it uses the internet, calls to different parts of the country or the world can be made without additional charges. Calls inside the offices are free of charge. Also, because of the PBX feature, there will not be any need for another phone line. It basically allows business owners to have one phone line but is able to provide employees the capability to use it to its full extent.

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Business VoIP PBX can also provide auto attendants or virtual receptionists that can analyze an incoming call and automatically route it to the extension of the receiver. During a call, a caller will be provided a menu to choose and from there, the call will be routed as directed. Aside from this, VoIP PBX also has voice mailboxes so that callers can leave a message and provides user interfaces that one can customize.

Summing up, VoIP PBX can provide a great deal of benefits to business owners because of its flexibility and cost-saving features. The software is easy to install and it does not require separate phone wiring because these kinds of software phones can easily be connected to a computer. This will allow addition of extensions within an office. It can also provide a great deal of customer service because it is computer based, i can be modified by programmers to incorporate business requirements. Furthermore, all calls can be recorded and will be stored in a database to better track every call cost and traffic.

Tips for Choosing a VoIP System

Buying a VoIP system can be a tough decision unless you know how to purchase the right system for your specific business needs. Generally speaking, if your employees frequently make long distance telephone calls or if they work in remote locations, you are probably already a candidate for a used, or even a new VoIP System. Tips for choosing your new system:

  • Examine and Compare the cost of setting up your VoIP system.
  • Ask about expected maintenance costs.
  • Learn about what kind of Customer Service, training, tutorials and support you will get AFTER the purchase.
  • Make sure you know what your current monthly long-distance charges are. Next compare to the overall monthly cost of buying or renting your VoIP System.
  • Make sure your Internet Service Provider has a VoIP option. Most major carriers do support VoIP, however some smaller providers may not.
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