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Unlock PDF Passwords for Editing, and Saving Files

Unlock PDF Passwords
Unlock PDF Passwords

Now and then, we have our forgetful moments when we don’t recall our passwords. But no worries. Here we bring you an authentic way to unlock PDF passwords.  Your password is now unlocked no matter what. Discover it safely now. Yes, it’s amazing to use.

 We will now examine how to remove PDF passwords more effectively. 

Let’s see right now! Few steps to read

  • Click on the Unlock PDF tool. 
  • By dragging and dropping your locked PDF, you can upload it.
  • The PDF belongs to you, assuredly. 
  • Download your file by clicking ‘Unlock PDF.’

What is the Purpose of Unlocking an Unknown PDF Password?

Users often ask for the passwords of their PDFs to be removed. PDF documents cannot be printed until the user has entered the correct password to print. The user must have to enter the permission password when working with Adobe Acrobat Pro, which is frequently unknown. The user may have to unlock PDF if it contains an unknown password in these situations. In some cases, the print function is disabled, editing and highlighting PDF text, and copying the text. It is common for users to be prompted to enter the password every time they open the PDF, which can be inconvenient when they are in a hurry.

PDF password protection comes in two types:

To keep PDF files safe and prevent unauthorized access, passwords are used to secure and protect them. PDF passwords come in two varieties. In addition to the password to open the document, there is also one for permissions.

Document open passwords:

PDF files are protected with this password. To view the content of a password-protected file, you must know its password.

Permission passwords: 

This password protected PDF files from being modified, edited, copied, and printed without permission. Suppose you want to change the document’s copying, editing, or printing restrictions. In that case, you’ll need the password regardless of whether Adobe Reader or Acrobat allows you to open it without a password.

AJoysoft- PDF Password Remover  

An application that decrypts PDF files encrypted with an owner/master password is PDF Password Remover. The program removes PDF restrictions for editing, copying, and printing. Additionally, you can remove PDF user/open passwords if you have the correct password. The program that will help us to remove password of PDF is aJoysoft. By using this application, you can decrypt the PDF file by only one click to unlock all the limitations. Thereby, you will have full access to the PDF file for editing, viewing, printing and copying, etc. 

How to Remove PDF Password by using aJoysoft 

  1. First of all, click on the “Add Files” for uploading your PDF files.
  2. Then, click on the button containing text “Remove Password” to remove all the limitations. 

“In case, a user need to give an open password than he has to enter the accurate password to unlock the PDF files. After this, start removing the protections.”

Unlocking PDFs in the Web Browser:

It may sound unbelievable, but you can also access and unlock PDFs from almost any web browser, regardless of whether you’re using Chrome OS, macOS, or Linux.

It is unnecessary to open PDF files, save them, and then open them in a program if you’ve already downloaded them.

Click on the printer icon in the document’s toolbar in your web browser to print a PDF document.

Password protection for PDF files and password protection for Word documents

A printer icon appears in a toolbar in the top right corner.

You can change the destination by clicking the “Change…” button on the “Print” popup window.

Choose “Save as PDF” from the list of available options under the “Printer Destination” field – any other option will send your PDF copy to a physical printer, another location on your computer, or an online storage program like Google Drive.

If you select “Save as PDF” in the “Destination” field, you will be redirected back to the “Print” popup window. Click “Save.”

You can then change the document’s title and choose where to save it in the next popup window.

You can now complete the process by clicking “Save.”

In Short Benefits of Using PDF Remover Application; 

  • Passwords and restrictions removed from PDFs 
  • Get direct access to edit, copy, print, and more from secure PDF files. No passwords are needed.
  • Using the correct password, you can remove PDF user passwords.
  • Using different (RC4 and AES) encryption methods, support PDF files protected using all versions of Adobe Acrobat Reader (including Acrobat X).


The article talks about the essence of PDF and what is the purpose of removing the passwords of PDF. Further, it also differentiate between two types of PDF. However, once you read this article you will come to know an application named as aJoysoft that can help you in giving the full access to the PDF that you want in seconds. The way of using the “aJoysoft” has been described above as well. I hope you like the article, Thanks.