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Unlock your car door without keys


It is not a secret that many drivers or individuals either misplace their car keys, leave the keys in the ignition, or lose somewhere. Regardless of the reasons for getting your car door locked, there are some ways to unlock your car door without needing a key.

To unlock your car door, you can try it on your own or search for the best way to unlock a car door in Houston, TX, or your nearby location. If you think of opening your car door yourself, you can try using coat hangers and magnets. But you may not get success through these ways in opening doors of modern cars. Also, there is a risk associated with these DIY hacks. For example, you can damage your car window, doors, and locking system.

That is why you should never hesitate to call a car locksmith for the safest unlocking solutions. So, if you hire a locksmith in Houston, TX, or your area, you will get a professional individual with expertise in the same field. They have dedicated tools to deal with any car locking system. Below are some of the tools a locksmith might use to unlock your car door.


The locksmith should have access to the locking system of the vehicle to open the locked door. For this, it is necessary to make a gap between the door and the car’s interior. Creating a gap is required to insert another instrument. A locksmith can use different wedges like plastic, vinyl, or metal wedges to accomplish this task. They can also use a small thin wedge to create the required gap. If we talk about metal wedges, they are strong and can damage the door if not used carefully. Overall, wedges help unlock a car door.

Long reach tools

The best way to unlock a car door in Houston, TX, or your area involves using a long reach tool. This tool is used when the locksmith gains access to the door’s locking system from outside of the vehicle. The locksmith sends a long tool inside the gap and presses the lock buttons to open the door. A professional can use a Slim Jim tool while unlocking an older car lock. A long and thin metal strip goes between the window and weather stripping to find the lock rod. Slim Jims come in a range of sizes and shapes to work with most car models.

Further, many companies manufacture cars with in-built defenses as Slim Jims are unsafe to use with a delicate lock system. Overall, your locksmith will use the right tool to perform unlocking without any damage.

Automotive lock picks

When you hire a locksmith in Houston, TX, or nearby your area, they can use lock pick sets to unlock the door without doing anything with the door or window of the vehicle.

That is all you will want to know about unlocking a car door without keys. You should always hire a professional for this job.