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UPDF for iOS App – PDF Scanner and File Manager App

UPDF for iOS App
UPDF for iOS App

As we evolve towards a paperless world, digital documents become much more practical and popular. Digital documents such as PDFs provide a reliable way of conveying information, even on a small device like your phone! Aside from this, handling documents online has been effective especially in this remote-work setup.

Handling documents on your phone is no easy task. We desire to view and utilize documents as easily as possible without having to compromise the speed of the device. The key to this is an effective file management application that caters to the likes of the users. One of the best file management systems is an app called UPDF.

UPDF is a free user-friendly iOS application that lets you upload, download, view, share, secure, and organize all documents in one place and supports all major file formats. It gives you the ability to manage documents like a pro!

Key features of UPDF

Scan to PDF

Physical documents can easily be scanned and converted digitally. Using your device’s camera, UPDF for iOS automatically detects pages of the document and captures them without the need to press anything. The app uses AI technology and image processing to accurately, and smartly, detect any photo, note, document, whiteboard, business card, receipt, and more. Moreover, documents with unusual physical forms can still be converted from manual to digital. Once the image is scanned, you can crop, rotate, filter, delete, or reorder it before converting it to a PDF. This is perfect for work-on-the-go situations where you just need a moment to capture an important document. Currently, the free version lets you scan up to five (5) pages.

Sign PDF 

Contracts, agreements, and other digital documents that need a distinct identity mark can be modified to include your signatures. To add signatures, you just need to open a document on the app and press the pen icon at the top right part of the screen. Locate the “plus” symbol and choose Signatures. With just your finger, or with a stylus, you can write your own signature and add it to your document. Signatures can be resized and moved anywhere on the document. Once a signature is added, it is stored in the app for future use. You can add or remove as many signatures as you need.

Unlock protected PDF or lock PDF with password 

Documents that contain sensitive information can be protected with a user password for extra security. Setting a password to a document is simple. You just need to click the three dots below the name of the document and press “Set Password”. The password can be changed at any time using the current password. Protected documents imported from other sources can also be unlocked as long as you remember the password for each document.

Secure Space 

There is also a powerful folder called “Security Space”. This is where the documents stored are protected by the device’s security login (Face ID/ Touch ID). When a protected document is placed inside this folder, the retriever shall need two passwords (device’s and document’s password). This folder can be hidden to make it harder for other people to locate your private documents. The free version can store up to ten (10) items in the Security Space currently.

View and annotate PDF 

Documents can be viewed conveniently from the dashboard. The dashboard has two layouts to choose from (List and Grid) and can be sorted by Name, Date of modification/creation, or Size. Importing images will convert them into PDFs or will merge your images into a single PDF. The app allows you to annotate documents with its powerful freehand drawing tool. To annotate, you just need to open a document on the app and press the pen icon at the top right part of the screen. The app provides a variety of pens, an eraser tool, a ruler for drawing straight lines, and a lasso tool to quickly select the ‘ink’ of the pens. Pen colors can be chosen from a spectrum of different colors (hex color codes included). Aside from those, you can also insert texts, shapes, and arrows, and magnify a certain part of your document.

While UPDF is free, there are certain limitations. Its Premium version provides benefits that remove limitations like scanning page limits and storage capacity of security space. This is perfect for users who manage several long documents and need them to be in one place.

UPDF is packed with a lot of powerful features for a user-friendly PDF reader and File Manager. From scanning PDFs to securing private documents, UPDF’s uncomplicated user interface makes it easy for you to navigate through its features.

In the future, UPDF will add more powerful features like PDF text editing. This feature lets you modify the text contents of the PDF itself! Additionally, more annotating tools will be introduced soon.