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UPDF – The World’s No.1 Free PDF Editor for Windows and Mac


Editing a PDF is never easy. All the PDF editors available online charge you anywhere between $10 to $100 to allow you to edit a single PDF. Even if you try to convert the PDF into a Microsoft Document, edit it, and then reconvert it into a PDF, it won’t be easy. That’s because most PDF to Doc converters also require you to pay a nominal amount. 

The solution? UPDF. UPDF is a completely free PDF editor that allows you to edit your PDF in seconds. UPDF is designed to make things hassle-free for people who want to edit their PDFs without paying anything. 

Let’s understand UPDF better and know why it is the best PDF editor available in the market. 

Key Features of UPDF

The features of UPDF make it stand out from all the PDF editors on the internet. Let’s understand how to edit a PDF document with UPDF and download UPDF from Mac app store now.

1- Edit PDF Text and Image

No matter what you want to edit, i.e., text or image, UPDF allows you to do that seamlessly. You can even add new images, text, and markups. This allows you to ensure the PDF contains only the things that you want. 

You can even edit existing PDF content, including moving the text, modifying, deleting, inserting, and copying and pasting images and text. Furthermore, UPDF allows you to edit the formatting of the content, such as color, size, style, type, and alignment. 

This ensures the PDF is good to go for the purpose you’ve created it. For instance, some universities want you to keep the content in a particular format. UPDF allows you to do that even after you’ve created the PDF, making it easier to make last-minute changes. 

You can also rotate or crop images as and when required. Moreover, it lets you add hyperlinks and edit hyperlink attributes (line type, thickness, and style). 

2- View and Annotate PDF Documents

UPDF allows you to view and read multiple PDFs side by side. This is a great option if you want to compare the content of two PDFs. You can also add and manage bookmarks for easier navigation. 

Furthermore, UPDF lets you add text markups when reviewing PDFs. You can underline, highlight, or even strikethrough texts. 

That’s still not it. It supports numerous commenting tools, including Sticky Note, Text Box, Shapes, Stamps, eSignature, and Typewriter. This will help you make your PDF document as better as you want. 

You can also draw geometric and hand-drawn shapes, lines, arrows, and more with UPDF. 

3- Organize PDF Pages

Got hundreds or thousands of pages in a PDF document that you want to reorder? UPDF got your back. 

You can easily manage and edit PDF pages. You can also delete or extract pages from a PDF document. If the need arises, UPDF also lets you rotate and change the orientation of pages in a PDF. 

These features help ensure that your PDF is in the right format and offers a consistent experience to readers. 

At the same time, UPDF lets you control the page range when you are manipulating the file. For instance, you can control the pages you’re moving in the odd, even, landscape, and portrait modes. 

This, in turn, gives you complete control over the way you organize pages in large PDFs. And when you’ve to do a last-minute edit and submission, nothing can beat this feature of UPDF. 

Key Pros of UPDF

There are numerous reasons you’d want to use UPDF. If you’re still not sure why to use UPDF, here are some of its major benefits. 

1- 100% Free, Forever

As we have discussed above, UPDF is completely free. In fact, UPDF is the world’s first desktop 100% free PDF editor. 

All the PDF editors available online give you access to their tools for free for a limited time. Some allow you to edit your PDF only once for free. However, that’s not the case with UPDF. 

This makes UPDF great for both students and teachers who have to edit hundreds of PDFs in their lifetime. 

Also, professionals often need to send their resumes in PDF format. However, they also need to edit it frequently to ensure it contains the latest information. 

That’s where UPDF comes to the rescue. No matter the purpose, you can edit the PDF for free. 

2- Beautiful Interface

You don’t need to be an IT expert or tech-savvy to use UPDF. Its beautiful and easy-to-use interface makes it easier and effortless for you to edit PDFs. 

You can easily find all the features and use them without much effort. This means that UPDF has a low learning curve, enabling you to do the work quickly. 

3- High Performance and Speed

UPDF is designed to make things easier for you and not complex. This is why it is configured to offer high speed and performance. You can open, view, and edit any PDF of any size within minutes (if not seconds). 

Wrapping Up

UPDF is completely free and allows you to edit PDFs without converting them into a Word file. Besides, it comes with numerous advanced features that allow you to edit the text and image in the PDF file. 

You can also rotate, zoom out or zoom in, add text markups and hyperlinks to the PDF document. Depending on your needs, you can even change the color, style, or font of the text in the PDF file. 

In the coming days (or weeks), UPDF is expected to add even more features, such as OCR, PDF conversion, creating and filling PDF forms, and even signing PDF tools. This will eliminate the need to use multiple tools to edit PDFs. 

So, if you need to edit PDFs frequently, it’s time to switch to UPDF and save hundreds of dollars that you’d otherwise spend on paid tools.