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URanboo Twitch Height, Age, Bio, Real Name, Wiki, Girlfriend & Net Worth


Ranboo aka RanbooLive is a Twitch social media influencer, YouTube & U.S. livestreamer who’s known for streaming Minecraft on his channel. As of yet, he’s gained over 3 million subscribers on YouTube. Find out more to understand his height, age, origin, biography, net worth, fat, household, ethnicity, face reveal–and other particulars.

Ranboo Who He is?

Ranboo can be used the National risquage that was manufactured on December 27 of the year 2002. He is the sole individual in the Desire SMP. He is well-known among the gamers of the sector due to the very good materials and the videos he made of Minecraft. He’s around sixteen years old.

Ranboo Wiki/Bio

Ranboo popped up inside of a National sector on December 27, 2003 , in the USA. His actual name remains undiscovered at this time, and he belongs under the astrological sign of the Capricorn. He finished school at an extra academic establishment in his hometown. Since he does not have any opportunity to take part in more enhanced classes, it’s unlikely he can promote to college. It’s surely not going to happen since he halts his social media profession.

But he does not have a positive relationship with his partner. But, he does not mention anything regarding his relatives or parents. And in tweets on Twitter, he has pointed out his family. His marital status is unmarried, and their relationship status is single.

More About Height and Age

Ranboo’s age as of 2020 is 17 years. His height is 6 statures 6 feet (199 cm) and weight is approximately 68 kilograms. He has dark brown hair and brown eyes. His boot size is 13 (US).


Ranboo hadn’t previously been affiliated with the video game manufacturing industry, but he’s made it through to the present day after an interesting rise. He was a part of a community that showcased his Minecraft station on 11 September 2020. He uploads games and sports, just to name a few, to his channel.However, he’s traditional for having loaded Minecraft together with those around him in his social circle. His high revenue has enabled him to gain thousands of readers in just a few months. At this time, he’s over 3.9 million loyal readers and 56,000 productive contributors.

It’s quite normal for a Twitch streamer to feature a YouTube video page. Similarly, he has likewise got a YouTube playlist to link to. Nevertheless, he relocated to YouTube early-type in February 2020 before Twitch. Generally, he posted status updates from among his followers on Twitch. However, he had already started creating unrelated videos such as for example vlogs the past few weeks.But in his recent upload procedure, his mechanics are inconsistent. This year (until October), he uploaded to YouTube no more than five videos. How about you, how much is his channel worth at present–more than 3.58 million subscribers, and more than 56 million viewers of his uploaded videos?

Ranboo Wealth

Ranboo’s net worth reportedly stands at $4 million. His main sources of income encompass his advertisements on Twitch, YouTube, and other online services. Yet his YouTube videos are making millions of views, he does not earn a steady earning due to an irregular upload schedule. As we learn additional information, you will discover more details regarding his ad targets in detail.

As a combined Twitch streamer, he typically makes profit via promotions & donations from his livestreams. Secondly, he cashes with paid membership options. According to the Site TwitchTracker, his active paid subscribers are 56,801 . Getting at least $5 for every person, his month-to-month revenue from subscribers is $284,000.


He’s opened his own coffee shop. He makes different items such as shirts, hats, masks, hoodies, and the identical hood available on his online store, ranboo.fashion. He usually charges a broad range of attire, often between hoodies, shirts, and beanies. Whenever he prefers to market a given attire, a number of go ahead and get. That’s due to providing as least a number of hoodies and T-shirts.

Face Reveal

Ranboo made public his identification to the Twitch in accordance with his order takers on YouTube and Twitch. He has gotten plenty of acclaim and popularity from his fans on the game was concerned. Today, he was playing a video game alongside Tubbo and it attracted the attention of hundreds. He posted a picture of his initial 1st look and photos on Instagram and YouTube that is rife in the gaming industry and social media.