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Useful Printing Methods Of Custom Boxes

Useful Printing Methods Of Custom Boxes

Custom boxes have so many benefits, from size to color, and shape all chosen by you. Moreover, even the design and print. There are so many methods of printing custom boxes. Hence, all of them are interesting.

Following is the list of few printing methods:

Flexographic Printing:

Known as relief printing too. It is a very common method for printing corrugated boxes. (Corrugated boxes are strong and reliable).

A flexible printing plate is mounted on a large cylinder that is rotating. When uncut corrugated board passes through it, the design prints onto the corrugate box.

It is good for flood coating, edge-to-edge printing, and text-based designs. It is a cost-effective method. Therefore, especially good for projects with projects that have large volumes. However, this method is not good for detailed designs. For, in this case, you will need extra plates. Hence, increasing every color cost.

Lithographic Printing:

Offset printing and litho-lamination are their other names. Other printing methods are direct but Lithographic is different. The design goes onto the paper. After that, it laminates onto the corrugate board.

This method is great for high resolution and detailed graphics and detailed. Hence, giving you choices and providing flexibility. Best when it comes to imagery, other flourishes, and colors. Nevertheless, this method has one huge drawback. It is the most expensive method of printing available.

Digital Printing:

The digital printing method is all about printing design directly onto the corrugated board.

Moreover, this method is free of the need of mixing different colors separately. However, this method is not without disadvantages.

Using digital printing for large color blocks can lead to many mishaps. The colors can be slightly off, with white lines appearing on the product. In addition, some of the ink can be absorbed into the corrugate. Making it look like a muted-looking design. Therefore, this method is best for short runs.

Silkscreen Printing:

Squeegee printing another name of this method. This method includes the application of paint. Moreover, this technique ends up in high-quality printing and is best for oddly shaped packaging and surfaces like bottles and cans, etc. Its labor is intensive thus, being more expensive than other methods. That is why; it is bad for high-volume projects.


You can see the beauty of colors these methods have spread on the custom boxes Mart when finished with the printing process. At the end of the day, you will be happy to see the result.

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