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Uses of hoisin peanut sauce


From main courses to stir-fries, hoisin peanut sauce can be found in a variety of recipes. Even though its origin is still a mystery, the only thing which is known is that it is Cantonese. This sauce has got its name from the Chinese term for seafood.

It does give us a hint that it used to contain a seafood ingredient before, providing it with the umami flavor. However, it does not contain any seafood in the present day nor is it eaten with any dish of seafood anymore.

Cook with Hoisin Sauce

It is always recommended by experts to use it a bit at a time. As the flavor might feel intense if you are having Asian dishes for the first time. Hence it is better to dilute it with water or oil before utilizing it for any recipe.

Hoisin sauce offers an Asian flavor besides thickening and contributing color to the dish. It is used as a dipping sauce widely in Vietnamese, Chinese, and Japanese cuisines.

Let us find out about some of the dishes with which the hoisin peanut sauce is consumed:

●      Japanese Pork Gyoza:

Gyoza is pan-fried dumplings that are stuffed with vegetables and ground pork. Even though this dish originated in China, it became more famous in Japan. It tastes the best when eaten with hoisin peanut sauce.

●      Baked Hoisin Sauce chicken wings

Baked chicken wings taste a lot better when you add some hoisin sauce to them. It works as the perfect snack for watching a movie or a match with your kids or family.

●      Vietnamese Banh Xeo

Banh Xeo is a popular street snack of South Vietnam. It is served either with herbs or with hoisin peanut sauce.

●      Vietnamese paperless spring rolls

The spring rolls are stuffed with prawn, mint, coriander, and pork. These are easy to make and taste delicious too. It is a cute Vietnamese dish that is wrapped with herbs and served with different types of sauce.

●      Spare ribs with Hoisin Sauce

The Chinese spare ribs are prepared with hoisin sauce and work the best as an appetizer. You can make it anytime as it is budget-friendly and on the other part does not take much time to get cooked too.

●      Thai Spring rolls

These spring rolls are prepared with sliced cabbage, ground pork, and thinly sliced onion. They are fried until it turns golden. As it is filled with veggies and protein, this dish is quite healthy for us too. It tastes the best when you use Hoisin sauce for dipping.

Hoisin peanut sauce comes in different varieties and is also known as the Chinese Barbeque sauce. Even though it is mainly used as a dipping sauce or to marinate meat, it is used for stir-frying veggies as it adds a sweet and spicy taste to them. Whether you are cooking a Japanese dish or a Vietnamese spring roll, you can utilize this sauce in any of the Asian dishes to offer it a sophisticated feeling.