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Using Face Masks To Protect Your Work Place

Face Masks

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While some of us love working at home, others are itching to get back into the office. Not being able to talk with your colleagues face to face is socially isolating and it also makes it much harder to work together. But what type of masks are needed in this brave new world? This article goes through the different types of masks available and whether you should consider them for your work place.

Available Supply of Face Masks

With theSARS-CoV-2 epidemic, many health care facilities are undergoing a gradual shortage of supply of masks worldwide. This emergency situation means that measures need to be taken to  scale back the use of medical type masks in the community. Where medical masks are absolutely required, reduction and re-use of the masks is helping supplies last for longer. But for the community, it is also important to wear a facemask, and there is growing pressure as countries test strategies to keep the community safe. Many are studying in Asian countries where the practice of wearing facemasks is widespread and the communities have already come to terms with wearing masks when in public. Many experts say that there’s nothing wrong with wearing a mask, so whether or not the advantages are modest, it’s a practice worth doing.

Outside of the medical doctor’s examination masks, previously the only community use of masks was by tradesmen. But the traditional place to find a face mask for sale was paint supply shops, construction PPE supply stores, and tool stores like this one we found called Canberra Diamond Blade Suppliers. This is because face masks not only stop the spread of viruses, but they also stop people from breathing in dangerous dust, particles like asbestos and also chemical fumes. But not all masks can do this and there are so many varieties of masks. So, what’s the difference between an N95 breathing mask, a surgical mask, and an old regular mask?

N95 Face Masks

N95 Masks filter out 95% or more particles and are worn in health care facilities where staff is exposed to a high number of infected people. Experts say that when donning a N95 mask you should fit test it to ensure that it is functioning properly. Wearing the mask as well as maintaining personal hygiene is important. The use these masks are especially effective in preventing the transmission of droplets. As an example, the effectiveness of surgical masks and N95 masks in preventing SARS transmission is 68% and 91%, respectively. Outside of the hospital environment, the efficiency of the face to contain the spread of airborne infections generally has been greatly reduced thanks to improper use and lack of compliance by the user.

N95 Masks are the top level disposable mask and have been in a severe shortage, so experts say those masks should be reserved for health care workers. N95 Masks can now be found online and in many pharmacies as well as the traditional hardware stores.

Surgical Masks

Surgical masks should also be reserved for healthcare workers thanks to shortages in the melt blown fabric from which they are made and they undergo rigorous testing to ensure they comply with health protective standards. These also are used in medical settings and protect against larger respiratory droplets that may come directly at you from activities such as speech, but aren’t as effective with smaller droplets that are floating around in the air. Disposable medical masks should be replaced after 4 hours of continuous use.

Three Layer Cloth Face Masks

These are widely considered to be the best option for the community as well as the environment. A well fitted 3 layer cloth mask is considered to be effective for use.

A study from the Physics of Fluid states that “under ideal conditions and dependent on the fit, three-layered cloth masks can perform similarly to surgical masks for filtering droplets.”

The best thing about these face masks is that they are resuable and so do not cost a lot in the long term. This also means they are having less of an impact on the environment which has now got to deal with all the waste created by facemasks.

Benefits of a Cloth Face Mask in Your Office

The Australian Government of Health revealed that among the three most typical ways to handle the flu pandemic, vaccination, isolation, and wearing a mask the willingness to adapt to wearing a mask was but a rock. An Australian study found that while sticking to wearing a mask significantly reduced the danger of flu-like infections, 50% of study participants wore face masks regularly.

Nowadays face masks are the basic need in this pandemic. The surgical face mask has some varieties and benefits but it has environmental impacts as well as shortage of supply for health officials makes it no longer the best option for the community. Instead invest in a quality 3 layer well fitted face mask, to keep you and your family safe when going into the work place.