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Using SHAREit Lite for Your Android and iOS Devices

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Nowadays, most individuals are in the habit of sharing files regularly. We usually take the help of Bluetooth or email for sharing these files. Nevertheless, a lot of time can be consumed while sending larger files. This is where file-sharing applications such as SHAREit become extremely popular. Right now, the developers have also released an extended version of this particular app. It is known as SHAREit Lite, which helps share files between two devices without any internet connection.

There is no doubt that SHAREit happens to be the most reputed cross-platform file-sharing application out there. This app is installed on smartphones, tablets, iPhones, and personal computers. Given that the original version is so good, it is almost sure that SHAREit Lite is also a feature-packed application.

Share an Unlimited Number of Files of Any Size

It will be possible to share files of virtually any format using this file-sharing app. Apart from this, you can also share any number of files. For instance, you can easily share 1,500 songs with your friends using this app. Moreover, the limit for file size is more than 5GB, which allows it to share easily leatherette sofa. The good thing is that it can share all these files simultaneously without breaking them down into parts.

A Better Version for Your Phone

SHAREit Lite provides us with innovative features that all the users appreciate. Furthermore, it is not imperative to activate your Bluetooth connection, unlike the app. All you need to do will be to start sharing files by setting up a hotspot with your device. Moreover, being a cross-platform app, you can use it on virtually any device, whether Android, iOS, Windows and Mac.

Made for You

It is a fact that SHAREit Lite is not meant for transferring files only. It is also a digital content platform that allows you to watch a plethora of videos in HD quality. SHAREit also contains a host of mobile games which are contained within its game centre. In this way, it will not be wrong to assert that this application happens to be multi-utility. However, once it is connected to your device, it will make your work very simple in the long run.

Furthermore, you can share virtually any file type, including videos, images, music, and documents. You can also send APKs and e-books with the help of this application. If your storage is limited, and you receive some files from your buddy, this can be stored on the SHAREit Lite library for later access.

The benefits of SHAREit are:

  • Internet connection is not required
  • Quick file sharing
  • Upgraded version
  • Can send an unlimited number of files of any size


Thus, you can conclude from the above discussion that SHAREit Lite is an exceptional addition to your assortment of utility apps. The app is an upgraded version of the original application making it extremely handy for any user buy coffee table. If your internet bandwidth is limited and you want to send files, it will be handy for you.